Real America, with Abe Sauer: Obama's First Year in Pictures -- Horrible, Horrible Pictures

by Abe Sauer

oabam washington crying

Exactly one year ago today, Barack Hussein Obama stood in Washington, D.C and recited the oath of office. Ten minutes later, men and women across America immediately started ordering CD-ROM copies of Learn Adobe® Photoshop® with Video Professor. What follows is another installment of The Awl’s ongoing coverage of noteworthy Barack Obama Photoshop. This edition: the worst, most inexplicable Obama political art from the last 12 months. The gallery is quite Not Safe For Work, Reasonable Political Discourse.

obama diaper

Mixing politicians and substances your body has fouly excreted only after having digested all useful ingredients. Is there a sharper form of politician opposition? The original image for this combination of Obama’s face and a baby’s feces is a “Dirty Messy Poopy Stinky Smelly Diaper Joke gag trick.”

obama swim teleprompter

The teleprompter-themed Obama photoshop was such a meme Michelle Malkin even posted her own (terribly unfunny) entries. The above is from The Right Scoop’s excellent collection.

obama pussy will bite

It absolutely deserves to be on this list even though I have no idea what it means. The right wing is a cat that will bite? Tea-baggers are also pussies? Curious parties can contact the Eye Sores blog.

obama spears kootchie

Get it?!

obama 9-11 photoshop

This is from a go-cart photoshop “contest” collection that must be seen to be believed. This entry had some context: “No disrespect to 9/11 victims, just Obama.”

obama cool aid nazi koran

Hot dog! This one has it all. Nazism, the Koran, a bong and Kool-Aid all brought together with the design skill of a brain-damaged orangutan (which happens to be one of the only stereotypes it missed!) Congratulations Mr. Drake, Dick Cheney was not wrong about you.

obama hot dog dick

Speaking of hot dogs… I sincerely wish I could remember where I found this.

obama soddomized by bin laden

This thing is like this thing. THEY ARE THE SAME PRESIDENT!

obama trick or treat
pelosi obama dick

There is some confusion as to the source of the above matched set. It would be great for the responsible party to come forward, seek professional help.

obama bun laden hawaii

Easily the most terrifying of all, this photoshopped image is just real enough to convince my grandmother. Luckily, nobody will ever trust the source thanks, ironically, to his name.

And up top: “George Washington Weeps” is a product of David Dees, a favorite resource of patriot sites like We Surround Them In Houston Texas.

Dees is one of the few working in the field who can certainly be called an “artist.” Get a hankie to cry in and check out his massive Gallery For America.

Abe Sauer is a true Photoshop enthusiast.