Jay And Conan Show Actually Quite Fascinating, by the Incredible Hulk

by Incredible Hulk

When still pretend like each other

From time to time, The Awl offers its space to normal, everyday people with a perspective on national issues. Today, we’re pleased to bring you this report by the Incredible Hulk, who offers a counterpoint to our recent declaration that we “don’t care about Jay Leno.”

Hulk have to humbly disagree with editors of this site-one of Hulk’s best new blogs of year!-on subject of NBC’s Jay Leno/Conan O’Brien dispute

: Hulk thinks is TOTALLY FASCINATING story and cannot get through thick green skull how anyone else not be as interested.

Think about it: When was last time you get to see major entertainment corporation make such a public and embarrassing mess of things? It almost like Jeff Zucker say, “Me take one of greatest franchises in television history and SMASH!” How Jeff Zucker still working, by way? If it you or me run NBC into ground they fire us LONG TIME AGO. Maybe back when we greenlight “Hidden Hills.” For sure after confused mess that was “Joey.” Hulk HATE “Joey” worse than tanks and angry generals try to shoot Hulk everywhere he go.

Hulk so intrigued by how strands in big mess will play out! Will Conan take giant red head and go to Fox? If Jay come back at 11:30 are old people who used to watch him still alive? Is David Letterman luckiest man in show business? (Apart from Jeff Zucker, who somehow still employed.) Now that all contenders are mixing it up in monologues, the real winner is us, the late-night viewer! So much funny and angry. Like time Hulk fight Killer Clown!

Look, Hulk know deep in heart that interest is subjective and that what some people find appealing not as compelling to others, but Hulk see so many angles to this story that reflect on way we live now-celebrity turmoil, institutional hubris, a secular decline in viewing patterns, inexplicable ability of Jeff Zucker to keep job, etc.-that Hulk want to sit back and let it all sink in. Hulk think Hulk make point, so Hulk step away and let you resume your regular Awl reading. Hulk thank you for your attention.

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