Gawker Media Goes Legit


Exciting news over at the world’s last profitable (online) magazine company, Gawker Media! We’re hearing that the company’s widespread use of full-time yet non-employee contractors is finally being ended. Workers at the company’s various blogs will have the choice between going full-time, as actual employees, or staying as contract workers, but only working four days a week. This is awesome news for those among us who were afraid that in the hideous future, no one would ever find employee status anywhere again. On a day-to-day level, this is less awesome for Gawker Media employees, who have to choose between being squeezed into the office (where, exactly?) for every workday or retaining their freedom to take on additional work elsewhere. Still, we’re sure there are various benefits for the company in this, and for the employees as well. (And once they’re employees, they can more easily unionize. Ha ha, JUST JOSHING.)