Monday, April 20th, 2009

Gawker Headquarters Seating Chart

Gawker Headquarters Seating Chart

The lovely Gawker Media office in NoLIta, the headquarters of the well-known weblog company, is something to see! But who sits where? And more importantly, what percentage of their open plan seating is editorial? That would be: 25%. And what percentage are "subletters," you ask? Yes: 25% as well.

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KarenUhOh (#19)

Thank God the squatters are in the rest rooms.

Or "creative services."

citizen192 (#68)

You forgot the Guanabee floaters…digging the new site!

Tech overflow sounds…messy. Hope they have a bunch of Swiffers available.

Urbania (#94)

Choire where did you sit?

dado (#102)

But 25 and 25 only add to 50…

More importantly what is the seating chart for

Where do Bile and Evil sit?

Wordsmoker (#156)

It strikes me that there's an awful lot of "open doors" in that plan. Is that part of the plan? That the "doors" of Gawker are always "open"? "If" so, the "plan" is "working".

I also like the pretty, pretty colours. Yes.

Hez (#147)

Where's the revolving door one always hears about? And the little tiny Malkovich one for seeking audience with His Nibs?

paperbackwriter (#2,844)

It's been my experience that "Tech/Ops" is usually where you see someone playing Solitaire.

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