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Who Wants To Be Luke Skywalker?

In the few weeks before the auditions there was a bubbling sense of excitement which reminded me of the beginning of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. A huge film enterprise, thus far closed to mere mortals, was to let two chosen people not only appear in the film but also perhaps take on lead roles.

I was working at my receptionist job at a local community center in Edinburgh the morning it was announced that Disney and Lucasfilm were holding open auditions for a ‘Major Hollywood Movie.’

"I’m too old, dammit," said Victoria, of the cafe volunteers, "and also they want beautiful, so that [...]


What Was The First Thing You Shoplifted?

Shoplifting is like drinking beer before you're 21, everyone's tried it once. So in the spirit of reckoning with the past, we asked our favorite young adult novelists to share the details of the first time they broke the law.

Libba Bray, The Diviners

Though I certainly had a misspent youth, alas, shoplifting was never one of my crimes. In fact, when I was nine, I was shocked—SHOCKED—to witness my friend's older sister lift some candy from our local Circle K. I confessed this to my mother, who, of course, reported it to the girl's mother. This prompted shoplifter's mother to narrow her eyes at MY mother before issuing [...]


Brave Korean Folk-Hero Bear Captured After Nine Days Of Freedom

"A mountain climber told us that a dozen aluminium cans of beer and other beverage cans were torn apart around the cart. We are positive that the bear was responsible for it." —A Seoul Zoo official tells the story of Kkoma, or "The Kid," a sun bear who escaped from his cage on December 6th, apparently because he didn't like being cooped up with a crabby older member of his species, and headed for the hills. Eluding hundreds of bear trappers with dogs and a helicopter, the brave young antiauthoritarian became a national media sensation—celebrating his freedom with a few well earned frosty cold ones before being caught on [...]


Rivers Cuomo Messes You Up Forever

Before we begin, let us be clear: We speak not of the Rivers Cuomo that was, nor of the Rivers Cuomo that is, nor yet of the Rivers that shall be. We speak, now, of the Platonic ideal of a Rivers Cuomo: The Rivers Cuomo you have never met, nor ever can meet, nor can ever be sued by (subsequent to writing a blog post that uses his name quite a lot), but who lives, nevertheless, within your brain. Specifically, if you happen to have grown up in the 1990s, and are heterosexual, and also a girl.

Because you totally have one. I mean, come on.


Too Young To Smoke

What is the cost of a pack of cigarettes in America? It is too much anywhere, but it is crazy stupid expensive in the City of New York. And now on top of that if you are a kid you are going to have to pay some 21-year-old to buy them for you because they are changing the law and also [...]


Young Elephant Tries To Run Away From Circus For Same Reason Young Humans Try To Run Away To Join Circus

"Handlers say Baby ran away from the circus because he refused to take a shower."


When "White Folks' Bay High School" Did 'The Wiz'

When the choir director, Mr. Swiggum, announced that the spring musical my senior year at Whitefish Bay High School would be The Wiz, it seemed an absurd choice. Our northern Milwaukee suburb was already colloquially known as "White Folks' Bay," and the preceding year had not done much to improve the community's image in a city that studies have suggested is America's most segregated.


British 13-Year-Olds Must Try Harder

How old is Britain's youngest football hooligan? The answer may surprise you.


Selling Out: The Joys of Adult Indie Easy Listening

It's a torture to young people, of every generation, when its favorite musicians get "soft." Like, when Peter Murphy, the lead singer of Bauhaus, started putting out post-New Wave solo records with backup singers. I felt this way (wrongly!) when Kristin Hersh started putting out gentle acoustic-guitar music. (She was on her way, however, to 50 Foot Wave, which has an even harsher sound than Throwing Muses ever did.) Or like when REM entered its endless middle period. And Siouxsie! (From goth to cheesecloth dancepop!) Some of them are like Jonathan Richman, who didn't want to hurt any baby's ears. More often it's a subtle graduation—primarily because [...]


The Summer I Spent Committing Forgery For A Terrible Cause That Is Ruining The World

Summer: No season better symbolizes the feeling of freedom and the sense of possibility for which we long throughout the rest of the year. With Memorial Day-the unofficial beginning of Summer 2010-coming on Monday, we asked a number of folks to reflect on the season. We'll be publishing their thoughts throughout the week. Hooray, here comes summer!

I was seventeen, and I needed a job. I already worked at Baskin Robbins, but could only manage to get on the schedule for a pointless four hours per week, and I needed to keep up with my friends. So I turned to the classified section of my local paper, the Tallahassee [...]