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Some Advice for Young People

From time to time I am asked by young people for advice in matters of work and life, generally by people who have mistaken my age for seniority. I don't really have any advice, though, is the problem, beyond some basics and also "don't do what I did," but usually it goes like:

1. Why don't you think about that over the weekend and if you still feel that way on Monday, you can totally send that email, okay?

2. Yes, you should not worry too much about the consequences and you should definitely quit your job that you hate and it'll probably all work out great. Job quitters are [...]


Hello, All That!

Moving to New York used to be a choice-a creative one, despite its eternal popularity-for people so devoted to nurturing their creativity that they were willing to overlook the strains of actually, you know, living there. I speak not from experience, really, but from my reading. Edith Wharton's writing career only truly began after Henry James advised her, "Use the American subject! Do New York! There it is round you." New York forces its resident to serve as constant interpreter-laying out the whole of "the American subject" in the petty triumphs and real inequities one finds. I always, when I was a student and lived in New York, found this [...]


How Much Do Young People Make In New York?

The New York Press went out and asked young people how much money they are making in New York City! Their answers may not surprise you.


Each Generation Lazier Than the Last

"Accusations of laziness have been levied against 'kids these days' for decades." Every generation is lazy! (A follow-up to this not really rousing defense of the current youngs.) No, but seriously, the kids today are soooo much lazier.


The Brooklyn Craft Fairs Write a Love Letter to You

Brooklyn had about 12 craft fairs this weekend, with four or five taking place in Williamsburg-Greenpoint alone. There was the 3rd Ward Fair in Williamsburg, and the Hearts and Crafts Affair at Cafe Grumpy, in Greenpoint. These are often grandiose affairs, like Etsy on acid, with DJs and gift bags, and someone serving happy hour-priced mixed drinks and Colt 45 in juicebox-size bottles. For sale, everything from clothing to recession-based holiday gifts, like keychains for keys to things you do not have. It makes sense, of course. With so many struggling artists per capita, why not connect them with the masses desperate to buy that one unique [...]


Should You Memoir? "Are You Pat Nixon In China?"

"[T]here are good reasons to embark on a memoir: the world and the self collide in a particular way that only you, or mostly you, can narrate; you would like a preemptive grab at controlling the discourse. For instance: Are you Winston Churchill? Are you Nixon in China? Are you Pat Nixon in China? Did you compose Nixon in China? (Its composer, John Adams, has in fact written an engaging memoir.) Are you connected to a fascinating and underexplored chapter in history in any manner whatever? Are you a professional storyteller with a beautiful prose style and some autobiography begging for reportage? Are you a trenchant thinker with incisive [...]


When Choosing A College, Don't Forget To Ask If They Have Valet Parking

Colleges with valet parking include Florida International, USC, Columbia and Cal State Sacramento. But don't leave this school off your list! "High Point University, a small liberal arts college in North Carolina, spoiling the students may be exactly the point of valet. The campus, in addition to boasting a valet service, is home to a free ice cream truck, a concierge desk, and a giant hot tub in the middle of campus." And a president who is basically Tony Robbins with smaller teeth!