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This Thing Used To Be That Thing

We walk about the streets of this city rubbing shoulders with ghosts, and sometimes they are raised up and flicker in front our eyes, wailing "Remember me," before they are condemned to disappear once again. Then the giant glass towers and frozen yogurt shops move in.


Everybody Loves Spoiled Milk

What is WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? Yogurt is disgusting. End of story.


Yogurt Explodey

Is your yogurt exploding? There's no joke here, apparently that is actually happening. But how will the exploding yogurt people (which I believe was the name of a dissident Czech band in the '60s) deal with the whole thing, that is the question.


The Yogurt Industry Is Totally Out of Control!

"Yogurt science has gone too far. We have yogurts that make you go, yogurts from Greece that you cut like brie (mmm, fat), yogurts that taste like enchilada-style burritos. Do you remember WOW chips? What are we looking for from food? Do we really want food with which you can stuff yourself without getting full or without the benefits of energy? Look, like with Diet Cokes, sometimes you want to eat eight pounds of something without feeling like Gilbert Grape’s mom (sometimes I do! Sometimes humans are the shape of our own shame, like a shadow on the ground we need to cover with popcorn and gum wrappers and [...]


Bacterial Dairy Product Inauthentic

Is your disgusting spoiled milk product the real deal, or is it something evil food scientists have jammed full with fillers in order to make you think it is a genuine disgusting spoiled milk product?


Hooray, We Can Now (Sort Of) Blame Springtime Allergy Attacks On Antibiotic Soap

I often wonder how the rise in antibacterial cleansers-soaps, dish soaps, laundry detergents, and so on-will ultimately affect our built-to-handle-some-bacteria bodies, and a new bit of research making the rounds would seem to claim that these products are actually responsible for allergies running rampant in the West these past few decades. Cast off your soaps! Liberate your dishwasher! Free yourself of the sniffles!