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Yo La Tengo, "Is That Enough"

I find that with increasing frequency I all too quickly become That Guy who bitches about going to see a movie with subtitles because "if I wanna read I've got a bunch of fucking books at home," (God, I'm such a tiresome asshole sometimes. You're much better off seeing the movie without me. I'll just spend the whole time sighing heavy sighs, audible with derision, and then waste hours afterward complaining about how European films are so reliant on gesture that it is almost as if they take a perverse pleasure in neglecting the viewer's need for competent storytelling. Next I'll whine about how, for the price of that [...]


Syl Johnson To Celebrate Hanukkah In New Jersey With Yo La Tengo

In what at first seems like the oddest of pairings, but then starts to make a perfect type of record-collector-geek sense when you think about it a minute, the great and recently rediscovered Chicago soul master Syl Johnson will play a special Hanukkah concert with the wonderful indie-rock heroes Yo La Tengo on Saturday at Maxwell's in Hoboken, which is kind of like Yo La Tengo's basement.


Everything Old, New Again: Yo La Tengo v. Van Halen

While the Fiery Furnaces are turning into Kiss, we are finding more returns to the Golden Age of Everything. Check the video for "Here To Fall," the new single from Hoboken living-room tunesmiths Yo La Tengo: beautiful, mesmerizing, deeply artistic in the way that the slow-motion footage of skywriters and kaleidoscopic editing capture the poignancy in Ira Kaplan's lyrics about the great leap of faith that is love. Yeah, well….


Yo La Tengo, "I'll Be Around"

Okay. I should breathe. I'm trying to remain calm. Because I already got all "THIS IS GREATEST THING IN THE HISTORY OF THE INTERNET!!!" today over that panoramic picture from the top of the Burj Khalifa building in Dubai. But it's hard, because video director Phil Morrison has made what is the NEW GREATEST THING IN THE HISTORY OF THE INTERNET!!! (You had a nice run there, Burj Khalifa. Though short.) It is the new Yo La Tengo video, for a song from their new album, Fade, and it is about playing an acoustic guitar in the woods and cooking a meal with friends. Recipes for Spanish [...]


Bring On The Sugar Cube Computers

"We currently have built this Aquasar system that's one rack full of processors. We plan that 10 to 15 years from now, we can collapse such a system in to one sugar cube—we're going to have a supercomputer in a sugar cube." —IBM scientist Dr. Bruno Michel, talking about the much smaller and far more energy efficient machines he plans to build with his method of cooling processors with water (very tiny tubes of water) rather than with fans like most computers use today. "Aquasar" is an awesome name for something. Now here are five music videos.


The Lessons Of Yo La Tengo's Long Run

Last week, Gotham Books released Jesse Jarnow's Big Day Coming: Yo La Tengo and the Rise of Indie Rock. It's a biography of the Hoboken indie rock lifers who've been a working band since the mid-80s, and always seem to opt for the slow and steady over the quick cash-in. What made Yo La Tengo able to do what so few bands have managed: not only stick together but continue to release new, vital music for almost three decades? Via email, I talked with Jesse, a friend, has been writing about culture in venues such as Rolling Stone and Spin for a solid couple decades himself, and shares not [...]


Yo La Tengo To Save Hanukkah Once More

After taking 2009 off, The Eight Nights Of Hanukkah with Yo La Tengo returns to Maxwell's for this year's Festival Of Lights, which takes place from December 1-8. Profits from the $30 tickets go to charity, and if years past are any indication, each show will be laden with excellent surprise guests and other goodies. Tickets to all eight nights go on sale at noon ET today — yes, that's really soon! — and will probably sell out quickly.