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Only 32 More Days Until "Fast & Furious 6"

There are movies again! The previews in the theaters right now are batting 100% in the "sure, I will see the f out of your expensive movie, even that weird one that's about magicians that give away money by robbing banks through magic, whatever the heck that is, and however they got Mark Ruffalo in it, and also that weird movie about dead people being a post-mortem detective agency that is basically a 'Men In Black' reverse spin-off." But! May 24th. That is when the most important cultural moment of our year takes place, when Fast & Furious 6 arrives. Can you believe there have only been six of these [...]


Roseanne v. Jamaica Kincaid, Round 403

@motherjones she's actually a repugnant classist who quit the NEW YORKER in protest whn I ws invited 2 guest edit it-confusd me/ TVcharacter

— Roseanne Barr (@TheRealRoseanne) February 3, 2013

Among the top ten feuds that will always be entertaining to me: Roseanne Barr v. Jamaica Kincaid.


The Epic Live-Tweeting Of Last Night's Park Slope Coop Meeting

Last night Park Slope Food Coop held its monthly members meeting. At 7:26 p.m., senior Reuters Opinion editor Chadwick Matlin began live-tweeting the proceedings; two hours and 14 minutes later, "meeting is adjourned." It's difficult to pick a favorite here but "In europe I have been using the biodegradable, and they degrade so fast by the time you're at checkout you don't know where the bag is," "'but my collards won't fit!' — one of the actresses in the silent film PSA," and ""My name is Robert Dow. No relation to Dow Chemical." have to be contenders.

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A Guide to Fake Internets

Best look ever at how computer applications and systems and the Internet are depicted in film. (via)


The Best Content on the Whole Internet

Do you want to learn…

How to Sob Uncontrollably?

How to Pour Milk?

How to Pay Off Your Credit Card Debt?

Now you can! It's The Content Farm! Featuring "informative articles about every topic, written by people with a passing knowledge."


Kristin Hersh's 'Rat Girl': "Wildly Funny," Says the 'Times'

Kristin Hersh's Rat Girl gets an extremely appreciative review in the Times today. You can enjoy it too!


Awesome Furry Applies For Legal Name Change to "Boomer the Dog"

Who is Timothy McNulty? He is the greatest writer of our time, and he works at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. LISTEN TO THIS STORY SING, PEOPLE. "Preparing for his day in court, Gary Guy Mathews took off his red dog collar and left his squeaky toy at home. It is now up to a judge whether he will wake up one day as Boomer the Dog and find his furry dreams come true." Is that not enough for you? Well, read on. "Early this year he began the process of legally changing his name to Boomer The Dog, noting many of his friends already called him that: one of his [...]


How To Report

I tried uniformly applying a variety of “systems” — note cards, wall-sized outlines, all kinds of things. Color-coding and cross-referencing may or may not have been involved. I may or may not own a triple hole-punch. Ultimately, though, I felt I was spending more time playing reporter/writer than being reporter/writer—the systems search, I realized, was a form of procrastination. Here’s what I do now, and it’s very basic: Bring the scraps back to the nest, arrange them chronologically, develop a timeline that shows everything more clearly, and then build out from there, hewing to that backbone yet following each thread to its known end. That’s just an organizing principle, [...]


Let's Send Charles Barron to Congress!

For the few who care about hilarity in Brooklyn politics, watching old Edolphus Towns give the finger to everyone by endorsing wonderful New York City councilman Charles Barron for his seat in the House of Representatives is just terrific—particularly as Ed Koch comes rolling out of his apartment to trash him. He's what Wall Street doesn't want! We've tried before, but now it's time to do this thing! Charles Barron for Congress!


"When I was a PhD candidate at Oxford and Cambridge at the same time…."

"Room for Debate" is maybe the greatest dumb-hilarious thing to appear on Gawker ever.


Michele Bachmann Started as a Joke That May Soon Start the Whole World Crying

"Yet, increasingly, the pundits who had been laughing at her antics are beginning to say that she could be a candidate for the Republican nomination, especially if Ms. Palin decides not to run." Run, Michele Bachmann, run! Two things: 1. "Increasingly" alert. (Where!?) 2. Yay! Yes please, on all counts!


'The Dead Do Not Improve': 2012's Novel to Anticipate

Um! Enthusiasts of the work of Jay Kang (this and this) will be interested in this: "Crown's Lindsay Sagnette made a six-figure pre-empt for North American rights to a debut novel by Columbia M.F.A. Jay Kang. Sterling Lord's Jim Rutman sold The Dead Do Not Improve, which the publisher is comparing to works by Junot Díaz and Gary Shteyngart. The novel follows a frustrated young writer with an M.F.A. who becomes the focus of a "violent scheme," per the publisher, after his neighbor is murdered. Crown said the book follows the protagonist as he wanders through 'a suddenly menacing, unknowable San Francisco, fending off militant surfers, [...]


Lydia Davis on Translation

Local blogger Lydia Davis is blogging about translation, in anticipation of her new translation of Madame Bovary: "We say to ourselves, complacently looking to Darwin, that [translations] will compete with one another and the fittest will survive. But a significant problem is that the fittest will not necessarily be the best, although it, or they, may be. The ones that survive may be the best edited, and/or the best promoted, and/or the cheapest, and/or the ones accompanied by the most useful apparatus…."


"Death Culture at Sea" Releases EP

Death Culture at Sea, with Awl pal Matthew Gallaway on guitar and vocals, has released an EP, "God Loves Lola," which can be downloaded here. They have amps!


Lizzy Caplan In "Fashion Film"

Director Matthew Frost and actress Lizzy Caplan pay homage to treehouse tea party Zooey Deschanel.


Michael Haneke's "Amour"

He's baaaaaaack. Setting aside the noise of Cannes wrapping up (Kanye West: "I don't answer questions.") comes the verdict on Michael Haneke's Amour, which should open in the U.S. late this year, under the Oscar wire. It sounds great!


Fixing 'Dune'

Dune without dialogue: can this campy, disastrous movie be saved by making it more Kubrickian and less studio-messes-with-David-Lynchian?


Stories About the Park Slope Food Coop Are Always Fun!

What's more delightful than the Park Slope Food Coop? The most magical place on earth. I love to read about these people who live in a land far far away from the real! "Jeremie Delon, 31… rejoined recently after becoming a father. He said the co-op had asked for a birth certificate as proof of the baby’s existence, and was now chasing down the baby’s mother, demanding that she join and put in her time, because all adult members of a household are required to work shifts." OH MY GOD, THAT'S REVERSE HETEROSEXIST.


"Rappers Looking Like Magicians"

A website devoted to pictures of rappers when they are looking like they are magicians!


New York Gets "Landlord Bedbug Disclosure" Law

A press release in our mailbox! "New York State Assemblymember Linda B. Rosenthal (D/WF, Manhattan) announced that her legislation requiring landlords to disclose to prospective tenants any history of bedbug infestation in the apartment building and individual unit within the past year was signed into law by Governor Paterson today…. Assemblymember Rosenthal (D/WF) represents the Upper West Side of Manhattan and parts of Clinton/Hell's Kitchen." You mean CLINTON/BEDBUG'S KITCHEN.