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Do You Know Where Your Teens Are? (They're Swarming John Green)

Wow. Thank you for being awesome Cleveland!

— John Green (@realjohngreen) May 8, 2014

Your teens are following kindly, funny, sensitive and young-ish father-of-two YA author John Green like he was The Beatles, Madonna, Tiffany, Debbie Gibson and Justin Bieber all in one. Currently occupying four of the top seven slots on the Times Young Adult Best Sellers list (and the cover of the latest EW), the John Green situation is totally and completely out of control as he goes about doing pre-promotion for the Fault in our Stars film. One reason it's wacky is because the John Greeniverse has no vampires, no witches, [...]


What Was The First Thing You Shoplifted?

Shoplifting is like drinking beer before you're 21, everyone's tried it once. So in the spirit of reckoning with the past, we asked our favorite young adult novelists to share the details of the first time they broke the law.

Libba Bray, The Diviners

Though I certainly had a misspent youth, alas, shoplifting was never one of my crimes. In fact, when I was nine, I was shocked—SHOCKED—to witness my friend's older sister lift some candy from our local Circle K. I confessed this to my mother, who, of course, reported it to the girl's mother. This prompted shoplifter's mother to narrow her eyes at MY mother before issuing [...]


'Mockingjay': Is It YA That Makes You Stupider or Smarter?

I would not ever have been caught dead with a copy of Harry Potter in public. When I'd see my fellow adults, some of whom may have been kidults actually, toting those books around, I'd feel a very real horror. I think it is embarrassing for them! And so I didn't ever even read it. It wasn't just the squeamishness about the popular and mass market, even though I'm a little bit of a snob, sure-it's really just a fear of being someone who reads books that don't require advanced reading skills. Even in a world where there's lists like The Best YA for Adults 2009, and where [...]