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Wye Oak, "The Tower"

If you were listening to this one in another tab and came back unexpectedly to watch the actual video content you might be somewhat surprised by the seeming disparity in tone. But it's those kinds of difference that make the world go 'round. Enjoy! [Via]


Angry Record Store Patron Not Really Sure What He Wants, Except That He Wants It Now

Have you ever read one of those pieces that just made you say "ugh" over and over while reading it, even while you agreed with a few of the points within? Sam Machkovech's piece on the current role of the record store gave me that exasperating feeling, thanks to his trotting out a few hoary clichés (record store clerks are snooty!) while making a few decent points (most of which regard the indie-NPR bent of many of this country's remaining record stores).