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House Open

"The Fort Greene House Tour, a one-day-only self-guided walking tour, gives participants inside access to 10 Fort Greene homes — including the Brownstone featured on HBO's 'Girls' series — as well as some of the nabe's most prominent arts locations."


Churchill's Sinister Cover-up of Space Aliens During WWII

Winston Churchill reportedly ordered a cover-up of two RAF pilots' report of a close encounter with a mysterious silver disc in the skies over the northwestern coast of England during World War II. So said the grandson of an eyewitness, one of Churchill's bodyguards at the time, in a 1999 document that Britain's national archives made public today as a part of the declassification all their UFO files. "Mr Churchill," wrote the grandson, a software designer who specialized in spacecraft thermal engineering, in a letter to the Ministry of Defense, "is reported to have made a declaration to the effect of the following: 'This event should be [...]


Dinner List Unlikely

I suppose it's possible that somebody once might have said, "Jesus Christ, George W. Bush, you're no Winston Churchill," but other than that I have a hard time ever imagining those three names in the same sentence, let alone as ideal dining companions.