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A Movement, Defined

And now, an enthralling oral history of one of the most important photos on the internet: the definitive Wikipedia image for "grinding (dance)." So we all grabbed some props, because we are sheep, and the hat stayed with Joe all night. After a surprisingly small amount of convincing, they got on the bar and history was made. They were up there for at least 2 minutes, collecting dollar bills while losing a bit of dignity. Of course i had to take a pic, because it was my duty to embarrass them with it later.

This is how history is often made: two embarrassing minutes at [...]


What "Real Life" Means On Wikipedia

The title of the Wikipedia entry for "Real life" differs from its disambiguation page "Real Life" through the absence of one capital letter. But while the "Real Life" (upper case) page will lead you to many films and books and songs of that name, the "Real life" entry affirms, alas, that there is only one real life. "Real life." The topic is abstract, speculative, and possibly even redundant. (Since when, after all, was life ever un-real?) Still, as the extensive entry for "In Real Life" shows us, we have more sure things to say about reality television than we do about "real life." Turn [...]


The Strangest Things Inspire Great Passions: David Archuleta's Wikipedia Battle

"David Archuleta, American Idol runner-up in 2008, has become in 2010 the subject of a Wikipedia free-for-all, where the facts of his personal history and his career are up for grabs. On the 'most edited pages' list for Wikipedia articles, his article sits at #91-very high for an artist who's been on the scene for two years, especially as Michael Jackson is #115, Barack Obama is #110, and Lady Gaga falls outside the top 5,000."


Yearly TV-Watching Time Could Have Built Wikipedia 2000 Times

"Currently, Americans watch 200 billion hours of television every year, while the total amount of time the world's Wikipedians have devoted to building the largest, most comprehensive open-source encyclopedia ever known is about 100 million hours." -Citing Clay Shirky on what we do with our time. (via)


Wikipedia: Citation Needed. Only Sorta.

OK. So everybody knows that Wikipedia is a fun tool not to be used for actual, real research but a widget that makes nouns and verbs do entertaining things like when you ask an 80-year-old, first-generation emigré of a non-English speaking country why a certain episode of Entourage should go before another episode of Entourage in the grand tapestry of narrative arcs that is this season.
But apparently, the online encyclopedia that everyone can modify is trying to, you know, change things. First they locked certain pages to where you can’t just go and declare that Barry Obama only eats with tiny, baby cutlery like it was one time written somewhere about Victoria Beckham and/or Melanie Brown and now they’re trotting out something called WikiTrust which highlights the background of certain information, kinda like how Men’s Health does when they want you to pay real good attention to which cities have the fattest people (eat them; not them!).

The Wikipedian Distinction

"Like any internet community, you draw introverts, and you draw introverts like us who know how to talk to people."


Case History Of A Wikipedia Page: Nabokov’s 'Lolita'

Wikipedia has an article on almost every subject—including, it turns out, one on how to write "the perfect Wikipedia article." The guidelines run through a list of the attributes such an article would have—e.g., "[i]s precise and explicit," "[i]s well-documented," "[i]s engaging"—before ending on a cautionary note: The perfect Wikipedia article is, by virtue of the collaborative editing process that creates it, "not attainable": "Editing may bring an article closer to perfection, but ultimately, perfection means different things to different editors." And as editors pursue perfection, they also must keep in mind another essential quality of a good Wikipedia entry: neutrality. That is, no matter [...]


An Interview with Earnest Pettie, Our Secretive Hero of Wikipedia

Last week I reported on the secretive heroes of Wikipedia and their detailed academic descriptions of 90s hip hop classics. Over the weekend, the author of the two best entries-Warren G and Nate Dogg's "Regulate" and DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince's "Parents Just Don't Understand"-made contact. Earnest Pettie-or Earnestp if you prefer his now-defunct Wikipedia handle-is an editor at And now we ask him some questions!


The Wikipedia Entry for the iPad… Until Today, by Liz Colville

This article documents a current event. Information may change rapidly as the event progresses.

This article is about Apple's allegedly portable device iPad. For other uses, see iPad (disambiguation). For the handheld digital music device, see iPod. For the gadget that looks like something Jon King would flash during a CNN election broadcast, see iPad(2).

iPad was a prototype for a feminine hygiene product that purported to digitize a woman's menstruation cycle and store it on a password-protected Web server.[1] In the trademark application submitted by the inventor, Larry Bobson, the iPad was described as a "a light-weight, leak-proof device that, for the first time, [...]


We Have Lived Long Enough To See An Open Letter To Wikipedia From Philip Roth

"Dear Wikipedia,

I am Philip Roth."


Wikipedia And The Death Of The Expert

"Learners are doers, not recipients."—Walter J. Ong, "McLuhan as Teacher: The Future Is a Thing of the Past"

It's high time people stopped kvetching about Wikipedia, which has long been the best encyclopedia available in English, and started figuring out what it portends instead. For one thing, Wikipedia is forcing us to confront the paradox inherent in the idea of learners as "doers, not recipients." If learners are indeed doers and not recipients, from whom are they learning? From one another, it appears; same as it ever was.

It's been over five years since the landmark study in Nature that showed "few differences in accuracy" between Wikipedia and the [...]


"Mr. Dogg is Angry at the Prospect of Sharing His Alcoholic Beverage": The Secretive Heroes of Wikipedia

At 5:12 p.m. on July 10, 2010, substantial changes were made to the Wikipedia entry for DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince's 1988 hit "Parents Just Don't Understand."


Nine Fine Wikipedia Entries, on the Occasion of Its Ninth Birthday

Wikipedia commingles inane and profound topics willy-nilly, most always with equal weight and seriousness of tone. Cataloging everything under the sun with such seriousness of purpose and attention to detail is an amazing endeavor. The excerpts that follow are both very silly and very informative. The complete entries on "Deep-fried Mars Bar" and "Exploding Whale," for example, are each almost as long and serious in tone as the entry on "Immanuel Kant." They highlight the oddity and incongruity and wonder of the whole enterprise. What's more, these excerpts are proof that Wikipedia is most likely the most positive development in the history of our extremely troublesome Internet.