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Your Insatiable Desire For Adorable Kitty Videos Is Killing Your Plants

Your wireless router could be murdering your houseplants, but I guess that is better than developing houseplants that have evolved to not only survive but thrive on the radiation from your wireless router until they gain some kind of sentient physicality and strangle you to death in your sleep because they are sick of watching everything you use your wireless router to see. I mean, that is going to happen eventually anyway, but it would be nice if we had a few more years before it did. [Via]


Are You A Good Enough Person To Keep Your WiFi Open To Strangers?

An older relative was visiting me some years ago and became visibly upset because my wifi network wasn't guarded by a password. "What if somebody gets onto it?" he asked.

"That's the idea," I said. "Wireless Internet should be everywhere, so people can use it."

Questioned about the security, I said it was perfectly okay with me if some doubtful guest looked inside the Time-Warner cable modem or the wifi base station. None of it was connected to any of my computers, right? (I am not sure if this was actually "safe" or not.) Plus, this was before Netflix Instant Video and the Hulu and all this bandwidth-intensive streaming and [...]