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How Should We Deal With The Worst Of The Internet?

"We’re bombarded with poorly written and braindead pieces of content that are engineered to go viral for the sake of virality, not to educate and improve the individual or society," wrote "Roosh V" on his blog the other day:

The internet has become a machine to fill gaps in your ego and self-esteem so that you receive the emotional benefits of validation…. The content you read now has moved from being primarily intellectual from the time of the Gutenberg press to primarily emotional. In the past, it was just too expensive to publish something with the intent to piss someone off or to gather lulz. Like with the first [...]


Cutting Back On Salt Will Help You Snore Less, Want To Die More

The question "Could a low-salt diet help stop you snoring?" might just as easily be phrased as "Is life with a low-salt diet worth living?" although I suppose the answers to those questions would be wildly at odds.


Sleep Twitching Explained

Here's why you twitch while you're falling asleep.


Staples: Where Violence Comes To You

Supplies! "Four men with a seemingly limitless appetite for office supplies have burglarized Staples stores in Manhattan at least seven times this year, the police say."


Bloomberg's Lady Being Floated for Senate *STABS EYES*

Oh sweet Jesus. People are trying to get Mayor Bloomberg's girlfriend, Diana Taylor, to run for Senate, in Gillibrand's seat. Why is New York state so insane?


"Gooby" Will Give You Something To Cry About (Eugene Levy's Career)

Older readers may remember Eugene Levy as one of the geniuses responsible for SCTV, but he is doing his damndest to ensure that his legacy is considerably less prestigious. Gooby? Really? The trailer uses comic sans for Christ's sake. I don't even know what to say. [Via Videogum]


It Seems Impossible, But The Internet Is About To Get Much More Annoying

"You may know what a gigantic pain in the ass it is to take a YouTube video and turn it into a passable GIF to share online. Well, you are going to fall in love with, and then want to to marry, and have children with, and grow old with From YouTube link into GIF in three easy steps."


Eliot Spitzer's Petition Kids Are Really Weird Or Maybe Think They're In A Jason Bourne Movie?

Haha, the poor kids collecting signatures for Eliot Spitzer are total weirdo drama queens! This story!


Brand New CeeLo Track! The… Meow Mix Theme Song Remix

Press release of the day: "A Purr-fect Fit: CeeLo Green And Purrfect The Cat Remix Meow Mix® Cat Food Jingle: CeeLo Green, Recording Artist and Mentor on NBC's Hit Show "The Voice," Heads to the Studio with Purrfect the Cat to Put a New Spin on One of America's Most Memorable Jingles." OH GOD IT'S LIVE AND IT'S HORRIFYING.


'World's Worst Wedding DJ' Video: Ends In Tears

The victim-perpetrators of the World's Worst Wedding DJ video speak: "It wasn't a routine or anything."


And Then The Luxury Market Stopped Making Sense

Kanye knows that this insane thing actually happened. ALSO in skis. (On the other hand? The Chanel city bike? Yes please.)


Segway Puma… an idea whose time has come!

Your tax dollars at work: "General Motors is teaming with Segway, the scooter company, to develop a battery-powered vehicle to cut urban congestion and pollution. The companies plan to announce the partnership Tuesday in New York, where they are testing a prototype of the partially enclosed, two-seat, two-wheel scooter. The venture is called Project PUMA, for Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility."

The vehicle won't be ready for years, which is unfortunate for GM: By the time most Americans will be willing to buy one (for shelter), the company will be long out of business.


Janet Malcolm v. Francine Prose

A reader writes: "what is the long game here????" He refers to this letter, in the New York Review of Books, from Janet Malcolm, to Francine Prose, regarding Rebecca West's views on Charlotte Brontë. (You got that? ARE YOU SURE.) Malcolm criticizes Rebecca West's views on Brontë, but finishes: "Prose’s condescending words about Nora Ephron’s brilliant elliptical essays are similarly puzzling."

How did this come to pass? To what end was this written? Was this an impulsive blog comment of a letter? I too would be moved to defend Nora Ephron, but perhaps not to the extent of dashing off a letter. Or was this a tip [...]


Slate Complete

My poor friend Dan Kois. Apparently he lost a big bet, and had to write a bizarre and maniacal Slate piece to prove that literally anything could be denounced in a counterintuitive Andy Rooney freakout. And here it is: "Tilting your seat back on an airplane is pure evil." His solution: don't bother replacing the seats, just outlaw people from reclining in them. AM I STILL ASLEEP UP HERE IN MY FULLY FLAT BUSINESS CLASS SEAT, IS THIS A SURREAL DREAM???


Beers In The Pants Dot Tumblr Dot Com

From the Internet that brought you Bros Icing Bros, it's…. Beers In The Pants Dot Tumblr Dot Com. (via, via)


The Matt Damon Show

"We can't wait to run around asking people what they're 'doing for Matt Damon night' and if they're going to 'a Matt Damon watching party' to 'play Matt Damon drinking games' (drink every time someone says 'Matt Damon'!). It's going to be so hard to get a cab on Matt Damon night, so try to leave your friend's Matt Damon party early and just find out whether Matt Damon cried at the end later when you get home. The only thing that would make this better is if it were a surprise for Matt Damon." -For the first time ever, the three-hour American Cinematheque awards will be broadcast on [...]


Karl Lagerfeld Made This For You

This SpongeBob SquarePants figurine fetched $1,500 at auction in Paris because Karl Lagerfeld perched some specs on it, painted fingerless gloves and attached what I thought was a pharaoh's postiche but is actually a very rakish plastic tie with a symmetrical windsor knot. Bully.