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"I heard the Whole Foods salad bar is a good place to pick up chicks."

"I heard the Whole Foods salad bar is a good place to pick up chicks."


One Trouble with Our "Pop Thinkers"

Here is the problem in a nutshell with the "idea fellows" of our time: consider this lengthy analysis of Whole Foods as a customer-centric institution, as a perfect example of "customer capitalism." (Not a terrifically good coinage, but hey, you pump out what you can while you're working on your TED talk.) Nowhere in this treatise does the fact appear that, um, one way Whole Foods interacts with capitalism and customers is that, while some prices make a lot of sense, SOME OTHER PRICES AT WHOLE FOODS ARE LITERALLY AS MUCH AS DOUBLE WHAT THEY ARE ELSEWHERE. And other prices are easily 30% to 50% more, for the [...]


The Mystery Of The Whole Foods Giant Bread: Solved

Noted at yesterday's opening of the Gowanus Whole Foods: the dude with the GIANT BREAD. And now we have answers, from one of the lovely Whole Foods employees. (It's a lovely staff there, by the way!)

Dude! This guy asked me if he could take the bread and I said "yes, it's Brooklyn" @awl #WFM

— Nicole Rae Drummond (@nicole_rae) December 18, 2013

@Awl haha! was specially made for our "Bread Breaking" ceremony (like a ribbon cutting) he wanted it so I told him to take it HAHA Hilarious

— Nicole Rae Drummond (@nicole_rae) December 18, 2013

We love [...]


Whole Foods Comes to Brooklyn

Please welcome… the Gowanus Whole Foods.


The Insane Whole Foods Gowanus Is Open For Your Gentrifying Needs

The Gowanus Whole Foods opened this morning, at 3rd Avenue and 3rd Street in Brooklyn (midway between Park Slope and Carroll Gardens, for you Manhattanites), with a bench-laden parkway along the Gowanus Canal, a hot hipster-manned knife-sharpening station, copious espresso machines, a giant over-sized novelty baguette (WHY IS THIS BREAD SO BIG?), giant hanging hogs, a rooftop beer garden, an enormous greenhouse, and just more of everything than you can possibly imagine. It was mobbed with shoppers within minutes of opening.

Much yogurt. So organic. Wow. Etc.

Just pretend there are stupid captions on each of these photos that are like "Wow the doors slide open when you [...]