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How to Beat the Whiskey Shortage

Are you a casual fan of distilled spirits that have been placed into a large barrel and left to sit in a warehouse for years, possibly many of them, so that over time, the wood transforms the harsh, clear liquid into something that is sort of brown and tastes mellower and rounder and deliciouser and expensiver? Are you therefore afraid of the whiskey shortage that the major whiskey companies are warning you will mean higher prices and empty shelves and unchecked sobriety, so buy now, buy all you can, before it's all gone?


Things To Drink This Fall: The Chisos Chimney

The Chisos Chimney is named for the Chisos Mountains, the exquisite, rugged range that defines Big Bend National Park in Middle of Nowhere, Texas. (Serious middle of nowhere: it’s so far from civilization and its lights that it apparently has the best stargazing of any of the national parks in the lower 48). If you’ve been to Big Bend, which is to say if you’ve driven the ten hours from Populated Texas to Big Bend, then you’ll understand.

I grew up in the Northwest, so when people say mountains and backpacking, I think of luscious, green forests, glacier lakes, and the smell of wet polar fleece. But mountains and [...]


It's Friday, Drink Rye

I'm glad other people are writing about rye, because it is a delicious and inexpensive liquor and a welcome change from the cloying-if-you-drink-as-much-of-it-as-you'd-like-to bourbon, but most collections of cocktails miss the best rye-based cocktail of them all. Here it is:


Keep Your Science Out Of My Bourbon

"THE indispensable ingredient in great whiskey is time: years of aging and mellowing in casks. But in the world of craft whiskey, a growing number of distillers are unwilling to wait that long. With a range of new technologies and techniques — smaller barrels, ultrasound machines, pressure chambers — they can put on the shelf in a matter of months, if not weeks, whiskeys that they say compare to ones matured for three to five years." —Listen, I am all for progress and what have you, but there are just some things man was not meant to mess with.


Another Reason To Regret Not Becoming A Scientist

"A whisky sipped in a room smelling of fresh-cut grass with the sound of sheep 'baa-ing' in the background tastes different from having the same drink in a sweet-smelling, red room with piano music playing, research suggests."


Whiskey Ad Pretty Good, Actually

AdFreak asks if this is "the best ad of the year so far," and, having watched it, I'm inclined to say, "Yeah, probably." Then again, I'm a sucker for whiskey and Robert Carlyle. A five-and-a-half minute single-take monologue about Johnnie Walker may not sound like the most appealing thing in the world, but give it a minute or two; you might be tempted to stick it out. Or go have a drink. Either way!