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Hurry Up And Subscribe To The Awl Weekend Companion

The latest issue of the Awl's Weekend Companion has shipped! It is a rollicking good time, if we do say so ourselves, and apparently we do, because who else is writing this? In any event, have you subscribed yet? WHAT? You haven't? WELL. You should know that, up until now, we've offered a free month to all subscribers and an additional free month for those who share their email address with us. As of January 17, 2013, that promotion changes from months to weeks—so subscribe now! If you aren't happy, you will have a full month (or [...]


Please Welcome "The Awl's Weekend Companion," for iPad and iPhone

There's a whole bunch of ways to read now, and we'd like you to indulge in all of them, as you wish, even in the ways that don't particularly help us publish writing. One thing we've often heard from folks is that they would like a quiet thing to sit down with for reading—away from the laptop and the desktop, away from the IMs and Twitter and email and noise.

With the help of 29th Street Publishing, we've made The Weekend Companion. It's a weekly Awl magazine, and it comes out every Friday, for iPhone and iPad, through Apple's Newsstand. Each issue has just five or [...]