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The Crucial Context of the Ebola Epidemic

If the supercontinent Pangaea spontaneously reunited, the US would border the Ebola epidemic:

— Vox (@voxdotcom) August 5, 2014

Some other interesting conclusions I can draw from this map:

— Indian food in Antarctica — Easier to drive places — We would need new globes — Next weekend I could be like, "hey wanna take the train to the desert" and everyone would be like, "I don't think the C is running today" — There would probably be a news story that says, "If the supercontinent Pangaea spontaneously broke apart, the US would no longer border the Ebola epidemic"

Really makes you [...]


Eleven Questions About Explainer Journalism

What is an “explainer”? There are a lot of things out there to read. Some of them are long. Many involve complex, nuanced ideas. That doesn’t have to be the case. When it is the case, it’s a failure of journalists to make news engaging and accessible. An explainer is an article that breaks down an important topic into just the things you care about and need to know. It's unlike all other kinds of articles in that way. If you still can’t understand it, that’s on us. That’s our bad.

How do I know what I care about and what I need to know? Explainers tell [...]