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Mad Men's Megan Draper Reads (And Wears) 1966 'Vogue'

Up until this season, the stylish women of "Mad Men" rarely deviated from their set looks. Joan wore her tight, bold dresses; Betty Draper (pre weight-gain) honed her Grace Kelly image; and Jane Siegel was all about flash. (Even Peggy, the most awkward dresser of the group, stuck to mostly menswear-influenced outfits around the office.) It took the new Mrs. Draper and her fabulous wardrobe to give the show what it needed to chronicle the changing fashions of the 60s: a clotheshorse.

And a trendy one at that. We never know what Megan Draper will decide to wear next—now a rhinestone mod mini-dress, next a floor-length gown and [...]


'Vogue' Latest to Get on This Tumblr Thing

Good golly, even Vogue has a Tumblr now. Maybe there'll be cat pictures from the office! We're still waiting to see if the latest media companies to jump on Tumblr will do anything beyond posting images of their covers and tables of contents. (Don't take that personally! I meant all of you, not anyone specific!)


Fashion Advice You Should Take Now Still

Yeah, listen up, you sloppy things! [Vogue style director Alexandra Kotur] attributed her look to her mentor, [Jo] Levin, who upon her arrival at British GQ told her to throw out everything and invest in one beautiful cashmere sweater. "She said, 'I don't care if you wear it every day, just make it a good cashmere sweater,'" Ms. Kotur said.


'Vogue' Renounces Federer for–Hoo Boy, Near-Naked Djokovic

Vogue editor Anna Wintour pretty much single-handedly created the fame of maybe-yesterday's tennis superstar Roger Federer and now? The front of Vogue's website is plastered with an enormous nearly-naked Novak Djokovic, who is on a 39-game winning streak, likely the best tennis player in the world, certainly the most fascinating man in tennis to watch play right now, and GOOD GRAVY, IS HE EVER REALLY VERY NAKED. (Unfortunately, Vogue went to press before his recent trouncing of Rafael Nadal on clay, but Sports Illustrated has us covered.)


Carine Roitfeld Tired of Lack of Visual Liberté, Egalité

"You cannot smoke, you cannot show arms, you cannot show little girls." Apparently it's hard running French Vogue. Also don't put no hijabs in your spreads, I guess!


How Tom Ford Keeps His Company's Equity (With Cash!)

Fellow Tom Ford enthusiasts will of course need to read the Vogue piece regarding his latest women's collection. But they should be warned, of course, that the story of How Tom Ford Keeps His Equity is a ludicrous one. (Spoiler: he expanded his stores recently by selling a Warhol. Why didn't I think of that?) It's a delightful read but it's also just bad business journalism. The word "Zegna" does not crop up (Ford did a huge licensing deal with them) and neither does "Marcolin" (Ford recently extended his licensed sunglasses to them for another five years). That's where the big money is. But at least they do [...]


Inside Anna Wintour's Long Island Home

The always-magical World of Interiors October issue has wended its way to America at last, and? "US Vogue editor Anna Wintour now has a second Long Island bolthole," promises the table of contents. (It would be a coverline of course but that magazine doesn't have words on its cover, which, can you imagine that in America?) That particular rurality is generally described as Bellport, Long Island, except it's decidedly in Shirley. ("I just import the people I want…. I don't mind the town. It's white trash, of course, but I don't care," Wintour famously-and humorously!-once said.) But! However! And! So this guide to ANNA WINTOUR'S RURAL RETREAT is [...]