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Ultimate Hipster Funeral Now Available

"When we die, normally our friends and loved ones are left with just a few photographs and videos to remember us by. That's great, but what if you could actually leave a physical part of yourself behind to provide a real tangible reminder of your existence? That's the idea behind And Vinyly (get it?), a British company that will take your ashes and press them into custom records that those left behind can play on their stereos."


Why Does Vinyl Sound The Best? A Chat With A Musician Who Knows

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I have a confession: I don’t think I can rightfully be counted as among the new wave of vinyl fetishists. Sure, I own a turntable, like any proper trend-piece-generating/hating Brooklyn-residing arts-interested person, but I don’t listen to as many releases as possible on it. Sometimes, twirling around a piece of audiophile-approved, 180-gram, 12-inch plastic, before commencing with the nervous hovering of the tone arm whilst wondering if the needle needs replacing, I'm as apt as anyone to think: “oh for the love of Steve Jobs, let’s just press a button marked [...]


This Is A Longreads On The Internet: The Inroads Of Slow Art In A Fast Culture

The British documentary 56 Up, the latest installment of the renowned 50-year-long Up Series, had its stateside theatrical premiere earlier this year. The Up Series has followed the lives of the same 14 Britons since 1964, revisiting them every seven years. This "remarkable" and "ever-evolving masterpiece" has a fervid and growing international following, and the past several installments that PBS aired after U.S. theatrical runs garnered viewerships in the millions. Every new Up installment is not just a window into the subjects' worlds, but a powerful, ruminative event, forcing us to reflect on the passage of time in our own lives in a way that no single film [...]


Last Bastion Of "Music In A Physical Form" To Close Next Month

"It was definitely a landmark for the underground movement of the '90s. Young people who've never touched wax probably don't know what the closing of a store like this means… It just means that we're heading to a place where music won't exist in a physical form anymore." -Rap producer DJ Spinna on the news that Fat Beats, a store on the corner of 6th Ave. and 8th Street in Manhattan that specialized in vinyl records and served a hip-hop community that might best be described as the opposite of this, will close its doors next month after 16 years in operation. (The LA outpost [...]


You On Record

Would you like your ashes to be turned into a vinyl record after you die? Or would you prefer to spare your survivors from the arduous task of finding someone who still has a record player?