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Enjoy a Pescetarian Thanksgiving, Just Like Those Old-Timey Pilgrims

My household is primarily ovo-lacto vegetarian, and I say "primarily" because I have small children who like those gross chicken lumps and fish sticks you find in your grocer's freezer, and also because it's nice to have a grilled, cedar-planked slab of wild-caught salmon on Thanksgiving. On the West Coast, you can do this outside on your grill, just like the Pacific Northwest tribes did for thousands of years before "Portlandia" and the Microsoft Surface tablet. In colder climates, you can broil the salmon in the oven if you don't have a coat? But this method does create the "burning flesh" smell so loathsome to delicate souls such [...]


Stop Working Out, It's Embarrassing

Time was when vegetarian dudes could be classified in two simple groups: "pussies" and "freaks." No longer, reports the Boston Globe, noting the growing trend of "men in their 40s and 50s embracing a restrictive lifestyle to look better, rectify a gluttonous past, or cheat death. They are hegans. They are healthy. And they are here to stay." Let's leave the whole "hegan" thing aside and focus on these rationales for not eating meat like God intended: looking good and cheating death. They are exactly the same reasons people exercise. And it makes me sick.


Meat and Real Estate are both Murder

Tom Scocca: Did they time this whole rollout around Jonathan Safran Foer's vegetarianism book so as to get the maximum number of semi-precocious 15-year-olds to ruin their family Thanksgiving dinners?

Choire Sicha: Well it may just be the need for a Hot New Nonfiction Airport Book for fall, as Malcolm Gladwell only had a "best of" book. And I think David Sedaris is off this year.

Tom Scocca: Nice of J.S. Foer to swing over from the fiction team to fill the gap.

Choire Sicha: He took one for the team.

Tom Scocca: My advice to young would-be reporters is to write a novel, because once you've written a [...]