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Your Selfie Realization

Perhaps you are on your way to the gym, listening to some hip-pop anthem to get the blood going. You think: yeah, that sounds good. "We are gonna run this town tonight." "I do want that cake cake cake cake."

There is a slight slippage of ego as you meld with the persona in the song—staring into the mirror to find you are mouthing out a rogue, “Westside!,” or whispering with a little too much conviction: "I am a god." A glittery EDM beat comes in, lifting you up, rollercoaster style, to the bridge of the track, where, adrenaline spiking, you become your true self—which is to say, [...]


Carly Simon Still Kinda Has A Thing For Me, I Guess.

I knew it. Turns out Carly Simon's "You're So Vain" is about me after all. There it is, clear as day, recorded backwards at the end of the new version of the song included on her album Never Been Gone that comes out next week, a not very subtle answer to one of the oldest, most-gossiped-about mysteries in the history of rock: "David."


Gay Dads, Gucci Bags, New York Slags

Once—during one of those conversations in which you and a spouse/friend/coworker are formulating an alternate reality—my husband suggested that we move to Japan and become reality television stars. We're an interracial gay couple with the two cutest kids in the universe. In this country, we get occasional stares. In Japan, I'm confident we could be stars.

Gossip personality Perez Hilton is going to co-produce and star in a reality television show about gay dads, right here in America. It has a very descriptive name: "Gay Dads Of New York." We are not going to be on it. We weren't asked to be, nothing like that, and we're not the kind [...]


Friend or Follow Reveals Who Doesn't Follow You Back On Twitter

Friend or Follow tells you which people that you follow on Twitter don't follow you back. It is incredibly destructive. Now I know which 58 of you people aren't following me back and I am WOUNDED. Wounded I say! Because my social networking vanity is harmed. How will my digi-narcissism ever recover? Anyway, bonus points for any website that sounds like an Adam Ant song.