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Vado Featuring Rick Ross & French Montana, "Look Me In My Eyes"

Is it just me or does it seem like Rick Ross is always going out of his way to let you know just how well he's doing? I bet this is what getting a Christmas letter from Donald Trump feels like, but all the time. Anyway, this one isn't going to change lives or influence future generations but it is perfectly acceptable for a chilly Monday in February which, coincidentally, is exactly where we are right now. Enjoy.


Justin Beiber: The New Notorious B.I.G.

Have you heard Justin Beiber rap? He does, under the name "Shawty Mane," over the beat from Harlem MC Vado's recent hit "Speaking In Tongues." Vado, it turns out, highly approves! "He killed it," the Harlem rapper told the Daily News. "He sounded like B.I.G."


Vado And Young Dro, "Polo"

I've been paying attention to the Harlem rapper Vado lately. He's a protege of Dipset's gifted and flamboyant and ridiculous Cam'ron, and he's delivered some good verses this year. His name is also very close to that of the Cincinnati Reds' first baseman Joey Votto, who will likely win the National League's MVP award. So I often find myself saying his name in my head the way he does-"Vaahdo"-when I'm watching baseball. This is a new song from his debut album, which comes out in two weeks.