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Usher, Nicki Minaj & Pharrell, "She Came To Give It To You"

Would it be nice to have a better Song of the Summer than do-do-do, do-do FANCY, whodat, realest? Yes. Do we "deserve" a better Song of the Summer, as New York magazine suggests? Probably not. This track, a late contender, has as good a shot as any, but the fact that we're talking about this at all means it's probably far too late. Enjoy!


Men And Women, According To Usher

"Things men do: drive cars, take people on dates, open doors, pay for dinner, pay for a movie, voice their desire for sex, pour liquor, force people into bed. Things women do: ride in cars, go on dates, eat dinner, watch movies, get propositioned, drink liquor, go to bed."

Amanda Hess examines the inherent gender assumptions of Usher's "stealth anal sex anthem" 'Trading Places.'


New Usher Video Looks Familiar

The new Usher video is just like Michael Jackson's "Rock With You."


Liveblogging The 2010 American Music Awards: Teenage Dreams Of Prom Themes Past

Because nothing makes popular music more fun than typing alongside friends, it's time to do that "liveblogging" thing in honor of the 2010 American Music Awards, which celebrate the most popular of the most popular music that this country has to offer, complete with the sort of pomp that only the most craven enterprises can possess. Join me after the jump for the Black Eyed Peas, Christina Aguilera, Katy (sigh) Perry, the results of allowing 13-year-olds to vote (online) (for their favorite male pop stars), and OMG NEW KIDS AND BACKSTREET BOYS TOGETHER!!