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Infection Successfully Quarantined

The bold actions we are announcing today are significant next steps in our ongoing initiatives to increase shareholder value by building scale, increasing cash flow, sharpening management focus, and strengthening all of our businesses to compete effectively in today's increasingly digital landscape.

Delivering a quote for a press release, or for a corporate announcement, represents a difficult problem for media executives. Here, Gannett CEO Gracia Martore gives a statement to Gannett's own USA Today about a plan to split the company into two parts, isolating its broadcasting and digital investments from its not-at-all-doomed newspapers, creating, she says, "two companies that will be among the largest and strongest in [...]


National Paper Tardily Adopts Pageview Bonus System

USA Todayis adopting a pageview-bonus system for writers! (Tardy! This probably means they'll be putting up a metered paywall system in five years.) Hysteria about pageview bonus pay was at its height a few years ago, when everyone realized it would encourage a rush to the bottom, as writers chased pageviews for crappy little scads of cash thrown at them by their corporate owners, and, actually, that is pretty much where a sizable chunk of the online media world now finds itself, culturally speaking: at the bottom, lips to the drain. (No one listens to Cassandra, etc.)


Rent Is Too Damn Scary

Your datapoint of the day: 51% of Americans would live with a ghost as long as rent were free, while 27% would share space with a spectre for a 50% reduction in rent. No word on how many people are willing to split the bill with werewolves and vampires, but I'm sure USA Today will get to that soon enough. [Via]