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The Best Thing About New York City in the Fall

The best thing about fall in New York City is that it smells less like piss.

"There's something about New York City in the fall," says DNAInfo. "In honor of this change of seasons, we asked New Yorkers to share their favorite things about being in the city this time of year." Among the answers:

"Crisp air. Turning leaves. Knicks b-ball"

"Thousands of kids."

"Leaf-peeping at @TheBronxZoo"

"The return of hot drinks and the natural colors of the season!"

These are all nice things, but none of them are as nice as how, in the fall, you smell less piss. I walk the same block most days, [...]


Pool-Peeing Bad: Science

"Analysis of swimming pool water samples, combined with the results of experiments involving chlorination of uric acid, and chlorination of body fluid analog mixtures, indicated that uric acid chlorination may account for a large fraction of CNCl formation in swimming pools. Moreover, given that uric acid introduction to pools is attributable to urination, a voluntary action for most swimmers, these findings indicate important benefits to pool water and air chemistry that could result from improved hygiene habits on the part of swimmers," says Science, but we should note that this study was partially funded by the National Swimming Pool Foundation, [...]


The Time Of Our Time To Go

"'You know,' he said, 'when you get to my age you have to pee a lot. And there is no distance at all between knowing you want to pee and then just peeing. I was at Plimpton’s funeral in St John the Divine not long ago, and they sat me near the front, you know. Suddenly, I had to go. I knew I wasn’t gonna make it all the way down the aisle so I spotted a little side door and I got the canes and nipped in there. Halfway down the corridor, I was looking for a john and who do I see but Philip Roth. 'Hey, Philip, what [...]


Memories Sad

"The Mocking Cure

I admire the depth of Christine Smallwood’s impressive research into bed-wetting therapies ['Are You Sleeping?,' Forum, August]. One treatment she neglected to mention, however, was the method my mother used: she brought me in from playing outdoors, stood me before my bed, forced my head down, and rubbed my face in the soiled sheet. I’ll bet her 'cure' was not an uncommon practice back in the 1940s. And while I did later have occasional incontinence issues on the playground, I never again wet the bed. Success — except for the sad memories.

Noreen Ayres Henryville, Pa."

The [...]


Next Time You Drop Your Phone In The Toilet, Tell Yourself You're Charging It

"Human urine has been used to charge a mobile phone in a major breakthrough for researchers. Just half a litre of waste generated enough power to make a six-minute phone call and to send several text messages."


Babies Peeing Everywhere

"With the warmer weather coming, Caribou Baby’s owner Adriane Stare — who held her bare-bottomed baby Loren atop a cloth diaper as she whispered 'sissss' to him to cue a pee during the discussion — told the group she’d soon open the center's backyard to let babies roam diaper-free outside."


A Pee Grows In Brooklyn

"It smells up the block. It's been noticeably worse since the arena opened. It was just totally disgusting. In New York City you don't accept that kind of uncivilized behavior." —A Brooklyn resident who seems, let's say, a little naive on what kind of uncivilized behavior New York City will accept, is one of the many people registering his displeasure over the fact that "patrons at the newly opened Barclays Center are using local sidewalks as urinals, even peeing on a community garden across from the new arena."


Portland Teen Makes Water Artisanal

"Portland, Oregon is flushing 38 million gallons (143 million liters) of drinking water down the drain because a 19-year-old man urinated in an open reservoir early on Wednesday morning, city water officials said." —There's a much-repeated maxim in the blogging business that, "[W]hen you get to the point where all the 'people in Portland urinating into reservoirs' stories start to blend together, it is time to retire," so while it has been a pleasure spending this time with you I must take my leave, because I have an appointment [...]


Piss Bouncy

"In analyzing their results, the researchers found that sitting on a toilet, as most men well know, results in the least amount of splash-back (the contact point is much closer). They also discovered something likely few men have considered—that urine follows what is known as the Plateau-Rayleigh instability—where a pee stream breaks up into drops before striking something else. That's the worst thing that can happen, the team reports, because each drop creates splash-back. To avoid that, men should stand as close to the urinal as possible they advise. Also helpful is directing the stream to hit the back of the urinal at a downward angle. That creates less splash-back [...]


Ignorance Of The Law Of Urination Is No Excuse

"Scientists have discovered that all mammals urinate for roughly the same amount of time, regardless of their size. A study carried out by researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta found that animals of various sizes – from an elephant to a rat – take around 21 seconds to relieve themselves. The team, who collated their findings using videos of animals going to toilet and combining them with data on mass, bladder pressure and urethra size, were able to come up with what they are calling the 'law of urination'." [...]


Dogs, Urine, Nazi Bombs… They Are All Mentioned In This Story

"Story of brave dog that extinguished Nazi incendiary bomb during Blitz by urinating on it is uncovered after bravery medal awarded to the animal is discovered," is a sentence that appeared in a newspaper today.


Man Declares Summer

New York's "what's that smell?" season has officially begun.

— Paul Werdel (@prwerdel) May 30, 2013

[Spoiler: It's piss.]


Urine Legend Examined

"It’s around the third beer when it hits you. Your bladder feels full and you gotta go — like, now. You head to the restroom, and as you leave, your friend jokes that you're risking 'breaking the seal': You urinate once while drinking and after that, you’ll have to get up every five minutes to pee. It's an urban myth that even urologists wonder about, as it turns out. " — Is 'breaking the seal' a real thing?


What Olympic Athletes And Grimace Have In Common

"You're going to pee purple, you're going to poo purple."


To Boldly Go

I have to say, I bet if you made some kind of vitamin-water drink called "Astronaut Pee" you would probably do brisk business among both the kids who like edgy/gross things demographic and those who are easily susceptible to claims about "ions" and "osmosis" and "Science." Given NASA's crash for cash right now it seems like it might be something worth looking into.

Photo by iurii, via Shutterstock


Thing Smells

"Dell admits laptops smell of cat pee"


Odors Categorized

So what are THE SMELLS? Take it away, Science! Working with a standard set of data, Andrew Dravniek's 1985 Atlas of Odor Character Profiles, the researchers applied a mathematical method to simplify the olfactory information into coherent categories, similar to the way compressing a digital audio or image file reduces the file's size without, ideally, compromising its usefulness. The team identified 10 basic odor qualities: fragrant, woody/resinous, fruity (non-citrus), chemical, minty/peppermint, sweet, popcorn, lemon and two kinds of sickening odors: pungent and decayed.

I guess that pretty much nails it, except I am not sure where you would slot in the New York [...]


Article Makes A Lot Of Assumptions About Your Personal Hygiene

"So if the idea of washing your hands over the urinal you’ve just used grosses you out, just remember: you probably weren’t even going to wash them in the first place, and that would be even ickier."


What Does The Odor Of Your Urine After You Eat Asparagus Say About You?

You can tell spring has arrived because it's a whole new season for explainers about why asparagus makes your pee smell that way.


Cells Uriney

I will not attempt to come up with a better title for an article about how scientists are making brain cells out of urine than Scientific American did here, with "Brain Cells Made From Urine."