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The Hipster Retail Crisis

It was barely a decade ago when the hipster fashion retail chains began their American invasion in earnest, starting from the West, North and East and working their way inward. Now their fortunes have turned rather dramatically, and the teens are driving them back into the sea: The company said Monday that Urban’s comparable sales fell 12% in the three months ending April 30, following a 9% drop last quarter, and a 1% drop in the three months ending Oct. 31. Urban is the retailer’s biggest chain; it also owns Anthropologie and Free People, which continued to see sales soar in the first quarter.

The company says the [...]


Irony Now Just Another Design Element

"The whole idea was to do this kind of ironic statement of lining the building with storefronts that would be reminiscent of independent businesses. It's the story about the streets of New York as they once were." -Ron Pompei, creative director of the firm which designed the storefront for an Urban Outfitters scheduled to open on the Upper West Side this August, talks about the shop's facade, will appear to show "a hat store, a hardware store, a neighborhood bar and a bodega."