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Poor Hank Paulson: Things Are Actually Worse Now Than Five Years Ago!

Five years ago, the economy nearly collapsed — and no one felt the impact more than Hank Paulson |

— Businessweek (@BW) September 12, 2013

Bloomberg Businessweek goes huge today, observing, give or take, a peg for the five-year anniversary of the "financial crisis." Oh mercy. What a tweet that is. Here is when we make a hero of Hank Paulson, the man who ping-ponged from the Pentagon to the Nixon White House to Goldman Sachs to the oversee the actual death of business as we knew it, with a in his own words biography. Which is fascinating, to be sure! It avoids the trouble [...]


Your Life Sucks: A Recent History of "The New Niceness"

• November 19, 2012: "New Yorkers once carried mace; now we sit at home in cardigans and pickle cabbage. Angry young men while away quiet hours playing Angry Birds."

• December 21, 2009: "In this new world of nice netiquette, technology is designed to make it easier for everyone to love one another. After all, if you're not your 'real self' online, how will Leighton Meester know it's you who loved her dress at the Teen Choice Awards?"

• February 24, 2010: "It’s not just Internet logrollers riding the wave of positivity. Conan O’Brien signed off from NBC saying, 'Please don’t be cynical. I hate cynicism—it’s my [...]


These People on Rotten Tomatoes: What Is the Deal

Do we still deserve to call ourselves a society?


Peter Kaplan on Jill Abramson

“Jill always had a swagger. It was as if she were in a romantic comedy. She had the same feeling that Rosalind conveys in 'As You Like It.’ In the last act, everything would work out. She wasn’t like the other girls at Harvard. Most of my crowd were either wonks or tough feminists who would chew your balls off. But Jill was the witty cosmopolitan who gave running commentary that was like a voice-over narration from a Billy Wilder movie." —Fairchild fashion group honcho Peter Kaplan assesses New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson in today's New Yorker.


Web Tabloid Run By Gay Super Confused By Gayness

I'm not sure TMZ quite understands how the gayness works? In an item this morning headlined "Julianne Hough: I Thought Seacrest Was Gay!," they wrote: "There's a reason it took Ryan Seacrest such a long time to score a date with his new girlfriend Julianne Hough–she thought she lacked the proper equipment … genitally speaking." Either I woke up in some forgotten Ursula Le Guin novel about the "third sex" or TMZ's big gay boss isn't properly explaining the birds and the bees and the penises to his young team.


Just Keep Plucking That $79 Chicken

Good news, the allegedly best roast chicken in New York City only costs $79.


It's Like Romney and Ryan Are Trying to Make People Hate Them?

Closeted gay man terrified his wife will discover his secret:

— BarryDeutsch (@barrydeutsch) September 6, 2012


'The Daily' Is 'On Target' to 'Break Even' in 'Five Years'

Here's today's fascinating and maybe really unlikely media assertion from the Times: "A $30 million tablet-only news publication… with 100,000 subscribers paying 99 cents a week or $39.99 a year, and 250,000 unique readers each month, The Daily is on target to break even in five years."

Hooray! They made it! Just five short years to breaking even. Well, it… could be.

"News Corp. has spent $30 million on development (which has been 'written off') of The Daily and current costs are less than $500,000 per week," according to Folio, a year ago. Okay, so maybe if you attributed the original $30 million to News Corp. itself [...]


Choosing a Law Firm Career Based on the Availability of Hot Lesbian Coworkers

Here is a sort-of handy guide for young lady lawyers interested in joining firms with other hot women. Sort of! Notes a spoilsport: "This is going to sound crazy, but I find it hard to objectify women once they start talking. Once they open their mouths, I care about things like 'what they are saying' and 'whether or not I agree.' Women I agree with, I find attractive." Also the real answer seems to be Cravath.


And, On the Far Side of the Newspaper Recession, the WSJ Hedcutters

"A busy day consists of two 'live' hedcuts, drawings that are due to run in the next day's paper….. Each intricate portrait can take up to five hours to complete, with countless little dots. But in an emergency, artists can produce one in as little as two hours, with more lines and fewer specks….

'Because we are essentially tracing the photograph, a lot of people think it's not a big deal,' says [Hai] Knafo. 'But it is.'

'We have our little tricks,' says Noli Novak, who has been with the Journal since 1987. 'A portrait with less dots will take less time.'

'People at the Journal don't even [...]


Huffington Post and Goldman Sachs Have Make-Out Session at Davos


I mean, some of it is true! Goldman Sachs does indeed mentor women all over the world in creating small businesses, and their 10,000 Women project is actually one of the most interesting programs in the world. And then there's this: This past summer, The Huffington Post broke new ground in the way the media commonly report economic news. Frustrated by the relentless coverage of disaster, tragedy and scandal in traditional media sources, The [...]


The Littlest Printer, for the Curator™ in Your Life

For $259, this tiny thermal printer will live on your desk and print out things like your friends' Foursquare checkins and a black and white version of the Instagram photo of the day. Seriously, coming in October: "Connected to the Web, Little Printer has wide range of sources available to check on your behalf. We call them 'publications.'" Oh do you. Superb coinage. Anyway, you know I am susceptible to the ridiculous and the handmade and even the adorable, so I wouldn't particularly mind living in an alternate universe where there are zeppelins and tiny printers on our desks that spit out news twice a day. That's CUTE. (Also, I [...]


"Bank of America Features Malcolm Gladwell"

"Taking another step in its ongoing effort to encourage small business growth, Bank of America today announced it has conducted a series of events with Malcolm Gladwell to deliver quality education and actionable advice to small business owners in various markets throughout the country." —THE HECK???


British Spy Likely Killed By Jealous Gay Lover, Says U.S. Spy Expert

The talking points out of Washington on murdered British spy Gareth Williams come from NSA expert James Bamford: "There's been a lot of hyped-up coverage in the U.K., but even codebreakers die from unrelated violence occasionally. Hundreds of NSA and GCHQ personnel travel back and forth between agencies every year, and leaving a body in a canvas bag sounds more like a jealous lover or drug deal gone bad than a political assassination." Yes, it's so much more likely that some jealous person stuffed his murdered spy lover into a padlocked sports bag than some member of a spy agency did. That's like a daily thing. You [...]