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Ask Polly: My Boyfriend Thinks I'm Ugly

Dear Polly,

The amazing man I'm with told me to improve my looks when we first got together. We've been together four years now. Here's the story:

When he first met me, he had fallen for me straight away, always coming in for coffee on my shift at the local cafe, always texting first, offering rides home, asking me out first. He was very sweet and persistent.

I was hooked and I said yes, yes I will be your girlfriend. Then some shit started…

He never complimented me on any of my physical traits, yet every weekend we hung out, he would somehow manage to tell me that [...]


Welcome Back, Economic Disaster!

The number of long-term unemployed (those jobless for 27 weeks and over) rose from 5.1 to 5.4 million in May.

— James Pethokoukis (@JimPethokoukis) June 1, 2012

The image being used on Business Insider to describe today's jobs numbers is of stuff blowing up. "The yield on the benchmark on the 10-year Treasury note plunged to 1.46 percent, the lowest on record." The U-6 (total unemployed, plus marginally attached, plus people forced into part-time work, as percent of labor force) is down from a year ago but up from last month, just under 15%. But here's the long view on jobs; here's [...]


Structure Unappealing

"The still-­unfinished floors are high-ceilinged, unencumbered, and spacious enough to host an Ultimate Frisbee tournament, with wraparound views of brick and brownstone landmarks. IBM’s Watson team is moving in, hoping perhaps that the area’s creative aura will enlighten its engineers. The mirrored façade seems to sharpen reflections to a higher resolution than reality itself. Architects love to pretend that reflective structures 'dematerialize'—that is, disappear—but Maki’s building is a solid object, black and glossy and timeless as a Steinway grand, expressing itself in an architectural language that is incomprehensible around here." —That is perhaps a too-polite way of saying "51 Astor Place is so frighteningly [...]


Buildings Ugly

Are these the world's ugliest buildings? Sure, why the hell not.


Fish Ugly

The fish in this photo is indeed unattractive, but you are not exactly George Clooney yourself, are you now?