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Mr. Twin Sister, "Blush"

Here is a smoky, four-minute flop on the couch from Mr. Twin Sister, formerly known as Twin Sister. It's gorgeous in a way the band pulls off regularly; this song is a spiritual successor to 2010's excellent "Other Side of Your Face," which you can listen to here. (Via GvB.)


Mr Twin Sister, "Out of the Dark"

Twin Sister, the band that did this perfect song four years ago, would like you to know that it is now called Mr Twin Sister, thank you.


A Playlist Of Game-Changing Moments In Song

I’ve been obsessed with the idea of identifying critical moments in popular songs for a long time, but have been struggling with defending what that exactly means. One friend dismissed my ever-growing playlist of songs with identifiable pinnacles of brilliance as just “good songwriting.” I tried to tell her that, no, wait, good songwriting is one thing, but being able to completely change the composition of a song, the whole understanding of the joy that a song can bring, in one critical moment, is not just good songwriting, it’s genius. Nor was I talking about anything as simple as climax and release. As was found with Adele’s “Someone [...]