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Terribly Disfigured Smokers Are TV's Fresh New Stars

"She knows how difficult it is to quit, even though—beginning at age 25—she had a sore throat that never went away. She says she quit when pregnant with her daughter, now 32, but then relapsed. She even smoked during her radiation treatments for oral cancer in 2001. It was only after the surgery to remove her voice box that she finally quit, cold turkey." —The new reason to avoid television is the new CDC campaign featuring ex-smokers who have lost various parts of their bodies to their habit, from legs to larynx. If you've already managed to quit, go ahead and give yourself a high five and hope that's [...]


16 Things You Can Do With Your Free Hand, Besides Catch A Baseball, While You're Holding A Taco Bell Beefy Nacho Burrito In Your Other Hand

1) Deep fry Snickers bar 2) Drink 64 oz. tub of soda (somewhere other than New York City and Cambridge) 3) Eat KFC Double Down Chicken Sandwich 4) Sprinkle extra shredded cheese on Taco Bell Beefy Nacho Burrito


Strange New Energy Drink Ad Promotes Hallucinogenic Drug Use

Seemingly inspired by the Friskies "Adventureland" commercial we can't stop talking about (and, even more so, the ecstasy-trip-in-the-supermarket scene from Doug Liman's enjoyable and underappreciated 1999 movie, Go) the Sobe beverage company has made a funny new ad for their Lifewater line of energy drinks.


Car Commercial Perplexing, Disturbing

A lonely rich woman checks Facebook on her iPad. She sees that Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine is having a Christmas party. This very night! She apparently doesn't know Adam Levine. At least, not well enough to be friends with him (yet!) on Facebook. But she gets a devilish idea, and imagines herself crashing the party and cackling maniacally.


Zach Braff Missed A Golden Opportunity To Nauseate Us When He Passed On The Script To The New Johnson's Baby Shampoo Commercial

Zach Braff must have been too busy to do the voiceover for this new Johnson's baby shampoo commercial that just made me gag and lurch towards the bathroom with my hand cupped over my mouth. I bet he's regretting it now, seeing how it came out. (The voice actually sounds a bit like that of "Mad Men"'s Vincent Kartheiser, who used to do a lot of voiceover work in commercials when he was young. But that couldn't be him now, could it?)


Zach Braff Uses His Tongue For Toilet Paper

"Never has adorableness sounded so effortful. Never have an adult male's vocal cords issued so many cutesy sing-songs and plush purrs. Everything I dislike about the schmaltzy, doofus-y Braff seems to have been compressed into this single 30-second performance." Slate's Seth Stevenson rightfully criticizes Zach Braff's voice-over work for Cottonelle toilet paper.


Rumors Of Men's Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

"If the ascent of women has been much exaggerated, so has the descent of men. Men’s irresponsibility and bad behavior is now a stock theme in popular culture. But there has always been a subset of men who engage in crude, coercive and exploitative behavior. What’s different today is that it’s harder for men to get away with such behavior in long-term relationships. Women no longer feel compelled to put up with it and the legal system no longer condones it. The result is that many guys who would have been obnoxious husbands, behaving badly behind closed doors, are now obnoxious singles, trumpeting their bad behavior on YouTube." —If [...]


Why is Baseball Destroying the Word "Epic"?

I like Major League Baseball a lot. But I do not like its new marketing campaign, "MLB Always Epic." At all. This is because I like the word "epic." Or I used to, at least. But now it doesn't mean anything any more, and the new MLB television commercials are the most glaring examples of that fact that I've seen.


BlackBerry Loves Stupid U2 Song So Much They're Going To Play It For Us Again And Again And Again

Well of course I think U2 is overrated, their longevity having now earned them a spot in the consensus rock pantheon that the quality of their music never would have otherwise. But to give credit where it's due, they have made some great music ("One" is about a well-crafted a pop song as you get, I think.) And Bono puts his money (or, well, other rich people's money, probably… but he puts his time and effort) where his mouth is when it comes to trying to make the world a better place. He's a force for good. Fine.