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Tumblr Invents Yet Another Business Model

For a dollar, Tumblr will let you "highlight" your own Tumblr posts, which then… puts a sticker on the post that lets people know it's extra-important. Among the more negative (and not profane) comments are "This is actually ridiculous. Why would I even do that??" and "Well done staff, this is stupid and unnecessary." They will probably make a ton of one-dollars at this actually!


"Animals In Places They Shouldn't Be"

From the Internet that brought you Barely Feral Dot Tumblr Dot Com and Animals In Casts and Teenage Mutant Ninja Noses Dot Tumblr Dot Com, please welcome Animals In Places They Shouldn't Be Dot Tumblr Dot Com. [Via]


"Pretty Colors" Tumblr to Run out of Material in the Year 5012

There are only 16,777,216 colors that can be represented on the web (under our current system). The Tumblr that celebrates them, Pretty Colors, has posted 1077 of those colors since January. That means this Tumblr can only exist (if it continues posting at the same rate) for another 10,433 years before it runs out of colors. If my math is right. Which it may not be. But it'll have run out of "pretty" colors long before then, most likely. How many of the colors that can exist online can also be considered pretty, even with an open mind? I'd give that Tumblr about another 3000 years. I look forward [...]


How To Save Your Super Important Tumblr Files

Here are instructions on how to back up your Tumblr in the event of another calamitous outage. Because, you know, God forbid all that preciousness and whimsy be lost to the world.


The New Digital Currency: Tumblr Gives Good Brand Feelings

Tumblr's business model revealed to be "good feelings." Sounds like someone's been reading Lovemarks. (You remember: "Take a brand away and people will find a replacement. Take a Lovemark away and people will protest its absence.")


What John Mayer Did On His Summer Vacation

"Huffington Post FULL OF SHIT? (Yes!)," an editorial by musician John Mayer, Grade 11.


Beers In The Pants Dot Tumblr Dot Com

From the Internet that brought you Bros Icing Bros, it's…. Beers In The Pants Dot Tumblr Dot Com. (via, via)


How Long Does Tumblr's $85 Million Last?

$85 million sounds like a lot of money! That's what Tumblr just raised, on top of the $30 million they raised ten months ago, bringing their investment dollars to a bit north of $120 million. There's a staff of 50 (now only 82% male!), so that's like $5 million a year right there. (Also, they've outsourced tech support (rather poorly; if you ask Tumblr for help with something, you get some dude copying and pasting a manual at you) with some minimal supervision, and that's probably a significant, if user-annoying, cost savings.) But staff costs are surely dwarfed by the cost of doing at the very [...]


Where You Ladies Get Your Thinspiration

So here is a look at the pro-ana and "thinspo" Tumblr communities! This is a thing to know about, the young ladies who in varying ways crave being tiny, but please note our official position on food and body size is "we are in favor of people eating the hell out of food all the time and enjoying it." BRB, gonna get some ribs and celebrate my real-size body.


What If Tumblr Is Gone FOREVER???

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Tumblr has been down a long time. Hipsters should meet at Starbucks and pass around Moleskine diaries until it's back up.Mon Dec 06 17:35:31 via tGadgetpourmecoffeepourmecoffee

THE GREAT TUMBLR PANIC OF LATE 2010 IS STILL ONGOING. Tumblr DOWN For 13 Hours And Counting! Victim Of Its Own Success: Tumblr Redefines The Concept Of “Back Shortly"! The frightened headlines even finally crept onto CNN: "It bills itself as 'the easiest way to blog.' But the hip website Tumblr crashed on Sunday night and hasn't been online since." [...]


"Rappers Looking Like Magicians"

A website devoted to pictures of rappers when they are looking like they are magicians!


How To Get Into The "Times": All You Need Is A Tumblr And A Friend (And An Adorable, Messy Child Helps Too)

BREAKING: Kids sure are messy! Luckily, there's a blog devoted to that very fact, in case you weren't sure! (And even more luckily for its author, she's friends with a Times writer who can give said blog a glowing comparison to Erma Bombeck in the Grey Lady's hallowed pages, thus paving the way for Yet Another Crowdsourced Blog That Might Become Something Resembling A Book. Hooray, Internet! Keep breaking down those walls!)


"Halloween? Or Williamsburg?"

From the very same Internet that brought you everything else comes Halloween or Williamsburg Dot Tumblr Dot Com.


It's "Everyone Hates Tumblr" Day :(

Rough day in new-media-land too: Tumblr's getting it from all sides, for pretty much extorting a developer—threatening to shut down his personal sites because they don't like a popular browser extension he made—and for not working well with fashion communities. C'mon boys! This kind of stuff is all easy to fix! Everyone's rooting for you.


The Tumblr at the End of the World

The planet Earth, source-point of the human race, ended in fire and flood and catastrophic nuclear-weapons automation mishap in 2012. Strangely, the entire human race appears to have been aware of the impending nuclear-weapons malfunction some eleven months in advance, but no means of preventing it were discovered. Nevertheless, approximately one hundred people survived, traveling to Mars in terraforming vehicles containing supplies and selected genetic samples. There, they began the colonies which would become the basis of our Empire. But only those deemed most crucial to the survival of the human race, by dint of talent, accomplishment, authority, or adorability, were chosen.

Some activists chose to protest what they [...]


What Do You Do if You're Tumblr and You Just Got $25 Million+?

If you owned Tumblr, what would you do with the $25 to $30 million you just got pumped into your company (on top of the first $10 million)? (Or thereabouts—numbers are reportedly fuzzy.) I have a real soft spot for Tumblr, I think it's adorable and effective and groovy and small. What do you do to keep those charms while making it robust and, oh right, revenue-ey?


'Vogue' Latest to Get on This Tumblr Thing

Good golly, even Vogue has a Tumblr now. Maybe there'll be cat pictures from the office! We're still waiting to see if the latest media companies to jump on Tumblr will do anything beyond posting images of their covers and tables of contents. (Don't take that personally! I meant all of you, not anyone specific!)


Grindr: When Gays Stop Being Polite And Start Getting Real

Grindr: the iPhone app that is the future of insane, GPS-locating gay cruising? Or the scariest gay bar on earth that is all over the earth? Only America's best Tumblr, Guys I Blocked On Grindr, can tell you (that the answer is the latter most likely).