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Cats One Step Closer To Killing Us All

Hmm: "Cats have passed TB to humans for the first time in an outbreak feared to have been caused by badgers. Two people from the same household are being treated for bovine tuberculosis after they caught the disease from their kitten. Two other cat owners have been infected with a dormant form of TB."

Oh, and recently: "Using deliberately conservative assumptions, federal researchers recently estimated that free-ranging cats killed about 2.4 billion birds annually in the Lower 48 states, a substantial bite out of [...]


'Beyond Gonorrhea' Would Be A Good Name For A Band

"But gonorrhea isn't the only bug that's outsmarting antibiotics. For example, certain strains of E. coli, a bacterium commonly linked to food-borne illnesses, have become resistant to common treatments. The World Health Organization has reported that 440,000 cases of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis, a form of TB resistant to two key drug treatments, develop each year and cause at least 150,000 deaths. A rarer and more resistant TB strain, called extensively drug-resistant TB, has been found in 64 countries, according to the WHO, which notes the capacity of bugs to spread across the globe." —This article includes a guide on how to avoid drug-resistant bugs, but I think we all know [...]


TB: The Big Comeback

"We're basically back to where we were before drugs." -In case the return of bedbugs isn't exciting enough for you, let's give a big "welcome back" to tuberculosis!


If You're Too Lazy To Travel, Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Will Make Its Way To You Soon Enough

"The danger posed by growing resistance to antibiotics should be ranked along with terrorism on a list of threats to the nation, the government's chief medical officer for England has said." Also there is "a nagging concern among health officials who say the 2,000-mile border between the U.S. and Mexico could become a breeding ground for one of the hardest forms of TB to treat. Already, both California and Texas, as well as some states on the Mexico side of the border, have unusually high rates of drug-resistant TB." And just last week, health officials warned that [...]


Here Comes Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis!

"People diagnosed in January with 'totally drug-resistant TB' (TDR TB) have been independently retested at the National Tuberculosis Institute in Bangalore. The tests confirm that the bacteria resist all first and second-line drugs used to treat TB…" Even better: "Three of the first 12 patients have died, six are being treated and three have gone missing."


Coming Soon To A Set Of Lungs Near You

"Can India control drug-resistant tuberculosis?"


Welcome Back Tuberculosis

"HEALTH officials are paid to feel apprehensive. For some years they have feared that tuberculosis (TB), an ancient scourge tamed by modern drugs, might evolve into a new, indestructible state. New strains of mycobacterium tuberculosis have already emerged, some resistant to isoniazid and rifampicin, two of the best known treatments, and some resistant to additional injected drugs. The advent of completely resistant TB seemed inevitable. Now it may have arrived."