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Slow Ride Around Yangon

The man was sick, or had been for hours. When he rose, finally, it was bright out and hot, and he determined that he would not be making it to the conference that day, and instead he would ride the train that went around the city. The way he figured it was, to sit upright, indoors, and work at looking interested was more likely to bring back last night’s nausea than the train. Getting sick in front of people he knew would be embarrassing. This way, if he did puke, it’d be with strangers he would never see again. And trains calmed him.

He packed a big bottle [...]


Anthony Weiner and His Mayoral Dreams

"Try not to fall too hard for Anthony Weiner. As riveting as they are, his theatrics — last night and every time he makes noise on the House floor or cable television — are best understood as part of a shrewd strategy to position Weiner for the 2013 New York mayor's race."


How To Resign

On this matter, I agree with web entrepreneur Jason Calacanis 100%! This is the only way to quit a job: "Boss, this is hard for me to say, so I'm going to just come out and say it: I'm resigning today…." The rest of the script follows. Use it!


Life Will Happen To You No Matter What

"I get so bummed out when I see a lot of these archconservatives saying, 'They give these kids trophies just for playing. Those are loser trophies! You gotta teach 'em!' If it makes you feel any better, they will end up an asshole, hard and cynical like you, trust me. Just give 'em a few years."


People Really Do Like It Long Online

This is very true, from one David Remnick, editor of the New Yorker: "One of the great Web orthodoxies was that no one would read anything of any length online. Bullshit." Yes! It's one of the most pleasing and surprising facts of the Internet! Anyone who says that long-form writing doesn't perform well online is working for some MSN celeb picture site or just hates words.


Actually Most Birds Are Man-Hopping, Status-Seeking Whores

Don't worry, ladies! "The Bird Detective," a forthcoming collection of research on bird lovin', explains that birds all around us are perpetually trading up, ditching their husbands and babies and looking for hotter birds with whom to spread sushi on their taut, aging bodies. So it's not capitalism, or the paradox of choice, or plain old postmodern inertia and ennui that makes modern dating and romancing a nightmare of fickle sluttiness and Carrie Bradshawism, it turns out. Animals are just like that. Embrace it! Birds are skanks and so are you!


Our Children Is Learning: Bush Library "Intellectural" Edition

Congratulations, Dallas Morning News, you won the Internet.


'American Idol': Are Cougars Freeloaders on Tween Lust?

Richard Rushfield, the preeminent American Idol scholar of our time, and author of the forthcoming Hyperion book 'American Idol: The Last Empire,' has long maintained that the television singing competition show is being destroyed by young girls-but helped by older women voters. Natasha Vargas-Cooper, the preeminent scholar of lady sexuality since Camille Paglia went off wherever she did, and author of the forthcoming 'Mad Men Unbuttoned,' is not having it.

Natasha: Have you ever seen such a calculated and pandering move the likes of Casey James Singing to Older Ladies this week, with ‘Mrs. Robinson'?

Richard: That was a brilliant maneuver worthy of Von Clausewitz in the [...]


Public Apology: Dear T.

Dear T.,

Sorry for telling you what I was thinking about when you asked me what I was thinking about.