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You Might Be A Troll If

If you don't know who the troll is, maybe you are living under a bridge and hurling invective at goats in the hope that one of them might fall into your gaping maw, satiating your terrible hunger with the sweet and bountiful pleasure that only rich, filling goat meat can provide. You could be the troll, is what I'm saying. Don't act like it's impossible. Because it's not. Troll.


Why Won't You Racists Let Us Talk During Movies?

They—and "they" is two people—are calling it "Social Theater." It all apparently started with some guy at The Wrap, who called for designating "screenings as either ‘texting’ or ‘non-texting.’" Fine, sure! Let's have some texting-friendly screenings in our multiplexes, why not. But really it got rolling with former Googler turned V.C. Hunter Walk asking, fairly reasonably if hilariously, for a new kind of movie theater altogether: One where you could talk, text, Google, Skype and online bank as much as you like. Cool! You're a venture capitalist, make it happen. See you there, sometimes. (He's clearly thought this out: "Maybe even improve attendance during the day since [...]


"Women Don't Like Themselves": Magazine Lady-Trolling in 1939

The North American Review began publication in 1815, long before The Atlantic, which was founded in 1857. It is not our oldest continuously operating publication because it ceased publication in 1940, after having fallen on some very hard times. But it almost did not fall on hard times! A savior had swooped in to save the magazine in 1938. That savior, Joseph Hilton Smyth, was in the business of snapping up a number of small struggling publications, including the Saturday Review of Literature and Living Age, and he bought a piece of Current History as well. Unfortunately he didn't have any money of his own and was apparently spending money [...]


Accounts of Heaven Severely Contradictory

Where do you go if you want the traffics and the attention? Straight into the bosom of Jesus! The New Yorker today publishes (subscription-only!) a profile of Lynn Vincent, the best-selling bookwriter that you don't know. She wrote Heaven is Real (oh actually called HEAVEN IS FOR REAL), which has sold more than seven million copies. (And also Sarah Palin's book!) That is eerie, because the cover of Newsweek this week is also headlined "Heaven Is Real." That is some world-class SEO trolling, Tina Brown's Newsweek. But the problem is, the story told in Newsweek by a doctor about going to heaven and coming back does not match up [...]


The 12 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make On Medium

I am prepared to offer an extremely valuable free service. Why would I do this crazy thing? Just to make the world better. And, more selfishly, to save myself from being bombarded by nightmarish tabs.

For free and for nothing, I will speed-read your Medium draft and warn you of any dangers it might present. Yes! I will be like "HEY THIS PART IS RACIST" and "NO 'MISANDRY' ISN'T A REAL THING" and also maybe "LOL you have no idea what you're talking about here." And then you will be happier, I will be happier, and the Internet will be happier. (Yeah. Mostly these tips are for men. Most of [...]


Trolls Also Victims

"The fall-out facing both men illustrates how ‘trolling’ – sending crude or hurtful abuse to total strangers over the internet – can snare otherwise respectable young people."


I Want To Know What's Wrong With Being An Internet Troll

From time to time, The Awl offers its space to everyday citizens with something to say.

In light of a recent gripping narrative I wrote about air travel I have been hearing a lot of complaints about "internet trolling."

"Henry only wrote this to get attention," some people said. "This is a new low, even for Henry," Twitter users complained. "How does this dumb fuck even [...]


Don't Feed The Norwegians

"The word comes from a Norse monster but the troll is a very modern menace. For some it's the internet equivalent of road rage, vandalising a grave, or kicking a man when he's down. Trolling is a phenomenon that has swept across websites in recent years. Online forums, Facebook pages and newspaper comment forms are bombarded with insults, provocations or threats. Supporters argue it's about humour, mischief and freedom of speech. But for many the ferocity and personal nature of the abuse verges on hate speech."


A #WhiteBoyWednesday FAQ

#WhiteBoyWednesday—a thing that happens on Twitter!—brings many questions. How can you best enjoy white boys on Wednesday? We investigated.

Can you pander and post selfies?

@Swirlovin #WhiteBoyWednesday #TeamBlackGirls

— Richie The C. (@JukeNuke_em) October 23, 2013


Actually… probably yes.

I always check out the white guys that hash tag #TeamBlackGirls on #WhiteBoyWednesday to see if they are attractive .

— LEGNA (@teamANGEL_) October 23, 2013

Should you troll black men on #WhiteBoyWednesday?

It's Wednesday so it's only right!! #WBW #WhiteBoyWednesday #InterracialLove #SwirlLovin

— Swirl Love (@SwirLove) October 23, 2013



Troll Over

Are we in danger of overusing the word "trolling" to the point where it loses all meaning? Oh no, how will we ever express the sentiment of "I am irritated enough about this to point it out but not willing to engage any further with it" if that happens?


Trolling v. Trawling

Actually, Farhad Manjoo makes a few good points in his Slate screed against the overuse of "trolling." Because, yes: some people who look like trolls are just trawling, for pageviews (or book deals, or maybe sex, who knows what dark things people want). Like for instance, if you have to say "Sure, my piece and its headline were hyperbolic," then you are probably just trawling the Internet with a big, loud net, but you are not actually trolling, because you do believe what you are saying. Despite being hyperbolic. Which, understandably, gives readers confusion.

And then probably some famous trolls aren't actually trolls! It sometimes happens that people [...]


Teenage Botox Vs. Baby Skinny Jeans: The Outrage-Off

The more one reads the Times' Styles section, the more one is convinced that it is a week-in, week-out exercise in trolling — giving bloggers topics to opine on and get lathered up about, as predictable in call and response as the Barbra Streisand references in the old Saturday Night Live sketch "Coffee Talk." That silly article on Sunday about the completely publishing-devised nontrend of "Formerly Hots" was but the most egregious example of the Times trying to get the self-appointed commentariat riled up — and succeding. And don't think the Wall Street Journal, which has been attempting to gain ground on the Gray Lady, hasn't noticed! Indeed, [...]