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The 10 Dumbest Things People Say To Quizmasters

By definition, being a quizmaster is about asking questions. As host of a live trivia game show, the Big Quiz Thing, I’ve spent the past eight years asking thousands of them—many good, some lousy. And in that time, countless others have approached me with questions and comments of their own—many good, some really, really stupid. Now that you’ve met the different types of people who play trivia, learn about some of the more amusing things people say to your esteemed host:

1. "I don’t know any trivia." Assuming you’re not a moron, this is nigh impossible. Everyone knows trivia, or at least a good quizmaster’s definition of trivia, which [...]


The Seven Annoying Friends You Meet At Trivia Night

Those who say clubbing baby seals is the cruelest activity imaginable have clearly never witnessed a group of "intellectuals" and/or "pop culture enthusiasts" try to work together in an evening of casual trivia at a local bar. With the right mix of hubris, self-doubt and pun-making, this simple game of knowledge can render an evening into a series of heated silences and hurt egos. (The only solution to which—or perhaps a cause in and of itself—is copious amounts of alcohol.)

But what makes trivia in particular socially taxing are certain traits that become manifest in our friends. Among them:

1. The friend who insists on using the same Ron [...]


Big Quiz Thing Trivia Challenge

Things to do: Awl pal Noah Tarnow hosts "The New York City Clash of the Trivia Champions" next Monday (September 27th) at the Highline Ballroom. First prize is $1000, which, you know, who wouldn't want that? Head here for details.