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The Missing Episode of VH1’s "Tanning Of America": Ladies Make Noise!

All my women in the house love hip hop, and yet it does often seem that hip hop has trouble loving them back. Gangsta rap and corner boy narratives aside, even the most thoughtful, most nakedly vulnerable emcees will identify a woman—if not all women, in general—as the vessel of their frustrations and fatalism. Kanye West will punctuate his "black excellence" thesis and anti-capitalist invective with poignant misogyny. In 2014, Yeezus is state-of-the-art.

But enough about the boys.

Watching VH1's four-part Tanning of America documentary—a broadcast reconfiguration of rap executive Steve Stoute's book of the same name, published in 2011—you'd never guess that women listen to [...]


10 Rap Songs On Which Ladies Outshine Their Male Counterparts


Trina, "Money Ain't A Problem"

If we were at all honest with ourselves in America about who we are as a country Trina's "B R Right (feat. Ludacris) [Explicit]" would be our national anthem, but that kind of frank civic reckoning seems like it will be a long time coming, so I guess we are stuck with "The Star–Spangled Banner" for the duration. There's a new Trina on the way while you wait, though. [Via]


New Video: Yo Gotti, Featuring Gucci Mane, Trina, Nicki Minaj: "5 Star Chick"

I've been waiting for this. Yo Gotti is an underrated rapper from Memphis. His song "5 Star Chick" was a hit down south this summer. Now here's a video for the remix featuring Gucci Mane, Trina and Nicki Minaj. The beat's the thing, reminiscent as it is of Usher, Ludacris and Lil Jon's smash, "Yeah," from 2004 and Cadillac Don's little-known but much-awesome and often copied "Peanut and Jelly" from 2006. And Gotti's voice is enticingly gruff. But verse-wise, the ladies steal the show. Trina rhymes like she's got six dudes licking whip-cream off her toes, while Nicki Minaj (quelle scandale!) has an epiphany that her boyfriend [...]


Buying Music On Your Computer Is Old

"CUPERTINO, California—April 28, 2003—Apple® today launched the iTunes® Music Store, a revolutionary online music store that lets customers quickly find, purchase and download the music they want for just 99 cents per song, without subscription fees. The iTunes Music Store offers groundbreaking personal use rights, including burning songs onto an unlimited number of CDs for personal use, listening to songs on an unlimited number of iPods, playing songs on up to three Macintosh® computers, and using songs in any application on the Mac®, including iPhoto™, iMovie™ and iDVD™.

'The iTunes Music Store offers the revolutionary rights to burn an unlimited number of CDs for personal use and to put music [...]