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New Yorkers Really Into Tinted Windows, Driving Slow

"The average neighborhood precinct issued 252 speeding summonses in 2012. During the same year, the average NYPD precinct issued 1,069 summonses for 'excessive window tint,' for a citywide total of 95,866 summonses for overly tinted windows."


What We Need More Of Is Guns In Airports

The joys of air travel are about to get even more exciting: "Lawmakers in Georgia have approved a bill that would allow gun owners to carry their licensed firearms at parts of Atlanta Hartsfield, despite the airport's vigorous opposition. The legislation, which is waiting for Gov. Sonny Perdue's signature, would permit carrying of firearms in areas that are not controlled by the federal government, such as terminals and parking lots." Freedom: It's on the march!


The Great CitiBike Midtown Hollowing Out

The great early CitiBike rage-out appears to have largely subsided by now. Besides the obvious angry sorts (people who hate parking spaces disappearing, people who hate being run down by Euros on enormous bikes, and people who hate watching tourists grapple with difficult instructions), one man suggests: people were angry because it's basically cheating. There is a truth to this, as you know if you have wheeled your way to a meeting on-time that a cab and the seemingly often summer-busted subway would have made you late for!

Really the great CitiBike experiment has been… so-so. The software sucks, the machinery is hateful, the "real" bikers hate [...]


Hacks Break Up Perfectly Good Altercation

Talk about the death of journalism all you want; so long as Fox reporters doing stories on the price of taxi medallions and "Entertainment Tonight" journos covering the David Letterman affair are pounding the pavement, the fate of newsgathering is going to be just fine.


How Much More Does Crossing The Holland Tunnel Cost Today?

You do not need the ghost of Andy Rooney to remind you that, if traveling by automobile is a big chocolate cake of frustration, then the tolls that may be collected from you are the frosting. These tolls are such an annoyance (if not an outright burden) that they're avoided as a topic by even the most amateur of our stand-up comics. And of the costs that are difficult to avoid in the day-to-day, these are definitely increasing, right? Increases mount, and what was once an afterthought, tossing some change into a basket, is now an expense to be reckoned with.

But even if we all agree that, yes, [...]