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2015 Summer Movie Forecast: Desert Explosions With a Chance of Good

What is it, exactly, that's so unsettling about this trailer? I am exhilarated by it, but I can't tell exactly why. Is it that the last film George Miller directed was Happy Feet? Is it that the most beautiful scene in the trailer, with the silent powder explosions over the desert, sort of evokes The Color Run™?


9 Great Pop Songs From 2013 (And The Fake Movies That Should Use Them In Their Trailers)


A failed engagement leads Ben (Bradley Cooper) to quit his job as an analyst at a NYC hedge fund and retire early in a small town upstate. He buys a fixer-upper and begins to find a place among the town's kooky residents, including the town's unlikely plumber, Jess (Kristen Wiig). It isn't long, however, before both his ex boss (Jeff Bridges) and fiancee (Rose Byrne) attempt to bring him back to his old life. Music: Vampire Weekend – “Ya Hey” (4:19) Placement During Trailer: End


Sexy Viggo v. Fassbender Cronenberg Sexy Time: The Sexy Movie

"The movie stars Michael Fassbender and Viggo Mortensen as strangely good-looking versions of Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud…. and Vincent Cassel is there, too." — *faints dramatically*


History Says 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon" is Going to be Horrifically Bad

Michael Bay, I have personally viewed at least 60% of the content you have made as a director (slightly more than that, if you count the "Got Milk"? campaign and Meat Loaf's video for "I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)." So I'm qualified to observe that your work grows exponentially worse in expected, methodical patterns. Bad Boys II? Not as good as Bad Boys I! Armageddon? It followed the far superior The Rock! (And let's remember, The Island followed Bad Boys II, which, oh man, poor Ewan McGregor!) And I don't think the quality progression between the first two Transformers movies even needs to be [...]


'Diary of a Very Bad Year' Trailer

Confessions of an Anonymous Hedge Fund Manager: Out tomorrow. (An excerpt.)


"I Am Love" Trailer Dazzles Local Impressionable Gay

There is a new trailer just out for I Am Love, which is pretty much about Tilda Swinton running around Milan with hot guys in great outfits. (Both her and the guys.) I am going to go watch it AGAIN NOW, SO LONG!


This 'Valentine's Day' Trailer Is Killing Me

Oh, good, a movie that makes He's Just Not That Into You look like No Country For Old Men.


Movie Trailer Preposterous

It's not as bad as that weird leaked trailer that came out a while ago, but the Noah trailer is really like a parody, right?


The P.T. Anderson Cult Movie Trailer Is Here, Oh My God


(Cult movie like, movie about a cult; not cult movie like "cult movie.")


Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner of Hot Garbage (Except in the New 'Footloose')

My God, are they… crumping in that small Texas town? So yes: here is the trailer for the Footloose remake "that no one asked for and everyone keeps forgetting about." Expect the Dirty Dancing remake any day. Nothing is sacred, kill your childhood, etc.


Is the Trailer for 'The Shining' the Actual Film?

Stanley Kubrick was, to put it mildly, a meticulous director. On the set of The Shining, he drove poor Shelley Duvall mad. The famous baseball-bat scene was recorded an infamous 127 times. That striking poster of The Shining? Kubrick had Saul Bass draw over 300 versions of it. The director continued to tweak his film until its US opening, May 23, 1980 and even into its initial screenings; when he decided to cut the final hospital scene, Kubrick made bike couriers ride from theater to theater in order to personally remove the sequence. Kubrick's artistic compulsions were a double-edged sword. Not even considering the immaculate texture of his films, [...]


The "Twilight Saga: Eclipse” Trailer Charitably Rates A 3rd Grade Reading Level

After a stock shot from a helicopter-mounted camera zooming over green woods towards a lake nestled in the mountains, the characters of the Twilight saga once again come stumbling forth to present drama and turn into wolves and, apparently, get engaged to vampires. The script, chopped up for the trailer, is a mix of dramatic statement and narrative exposition. To understand it in written form, you would need to have completed the third grade, according to readability tests.


Yes, "The Last Airbender" Is a Real Movie That Is Going to be in Theaters

Remember when M. Night Shyamalan was all washed up and "difficult" to work with and everyone was laughing at him and he was donezo with the studio system? Well July 4th weekend is his big revenge! When "The Last Airbender" finally hits. This new trailer really… uh… wow. Yeesh. Boy does that ever not look good-even with "the fart jokes" cut out. (Heh.)


New Trailer For '2012'

I am going to see the LIVING SHIT out of this insanely stupid awesome movie!


There Oughta Be A German Word For Everything—Oh Wait, There Is

IndieboundMcNally JacksonAmazonPowell'sPenguin

We've all thought: hey, there oughta be a German word for that. (Have we ever.) Now here comes Schottenfreude, from our Internet pal Ben Schott—it's coming down the pike in a month. You can get it from your book vendor of choice.

And mark your calendars for what will surely be a very serious lecture at Cooper Union on November 1.


The Trailer for Kevin Moffett's Book Trailer

Yup. This is a trailer to a book trailer—not just any book trailer, but the "longest, most depressing book trailer." Time and space collapse. Congratulations, Kevin Moffett, you've awesomely ruined everything!


The Worst Book Trailer in History

By way of this Moby Awards judge comes the most terrible book trailer of all time. The winner in the worst book trailer category was also pretty terrifically bad, but judge for yourself….


Gary Shteyngart Does Humorous Thing With Marketing Budget

I get this blank look when anyone mentions Gary Shteyngart, because I still don't really "understand" who he is or "get" it and I suspect that's my fault, but I will give props to this book trailer, which I do "get." As does a very shiny and bedraggled James Franco.


New 'Sex and the City 2' Trailer Is Confusing, Bananas, Weird!

NOW WITH EXTRA AIDAN! And… not much else? Let's just say they're holding their plot cards close to their collective enhanced chests. This worked with SatC 1! But you know how sequels are… we want bigger, faster, more! So far, as near as I can tell, the plot of this movie is identical to Jackass 2. (Maybe Sex and the City 3: The Embalming will be in 3D though!)


The New Atom Egoyan Movie: Bananas!

I have been lured into multiple Atom Egoyan movies and I have always left them enraged, disappointed or confused. Sometimes very sleepy. And then every time a new one comes along, I am foaming. They all trailer-up really well! In this newest, Chloe, we have Julianne Moore at her Julianne Mooreiest, which, DONE AND DONE. And then Mamma Mia! girl suddenly becoming a sex kitten and ripping off her togs. And Liam Neeson getting it on with everyone. I am going to see the holy hell out of this movie… until the last 20 minutes, when I'm very sad again, I imagine.