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Item In News + Other Item In News = Comedy Traffic Goldmine

This is a very interesting piece on how the New Yorker is thinking about digital and the future. Here is what seems to me like a very true thing: "Readers are more likely to read and finish long stories on their phones than on their computers."

But then also I did a search on this article's page for "Borowitz" and didn't find anything?


We Need New Ways of Judging the Success of Websites

We have such terrible metrics for judging websites! There's income, and there's traffic, and that's about it. But neither of those take into account burn rate, overall expenditure or organization size, just for starters. One way to look at things might be: unique visitors per month, divided by employees. Size of staff is something of a predictor of size of traffic, it turns out! If you have no staff, you cannot make the traffic, for one thing. Obviously there's a slight variable in this metric—which has to do with number of part-time contributors, freelance and marketing budgets and, of course, certainly at the big behemoth, unpaid contributors. Speaking of, [...]


Photo: Gawker HQ's Telescreen Displays List of Most-Successful Blog Posts

This screen, mounted above the reception desk at Gawker Media's headquarters, currently displays blog posts from across the network with the most unique visitors over the course of the last hour. The names of the posts' authors are included. Earlier this week, we discussed the TV-watching cows of Russia, and suggested that, instead of pretty scenery, the cows be shown pictures of the best, most productive cows. After all, every animal likes the bellyfeel of gazing at a more successful animal. Plus, there's also a nice chilling effect! As we wrote the other day, "there's nothing more motivating than the fear that if you don't churn out [...]


One Million Served


Debating "Dark Social": Where the Rest of the Internet Is

This conversation pursuant to this recent piece on "Dark Social" (that is, sharing via IM or chat or email or IDK, IRC?) is interesting. It started with a look at traffic to the Atlantic, where they found that "all the social networks that you know" were really on just "about 43.5 percent of our social traffic. On the other, you have this previously unmeasured darknet that's delivering 56.5 percent of people to individual stories. This is not a niche phenomenon! It's more than 2.5x Facebook's impact on the site." What do you think? TELL US ON A SOCIAL NETWORK SOMEWHERE IN SPACE.


The Rise of Reddit: 4chan and Digg Get the Credit While Reddit Booms

Of the three main drivers of internet culture-blogs, social networking sites and forums-most people in the media and in the general Internet-using public only understand two. Blogs work in a very obvious way: they're like magazines or newspapers, but light. Information spreads from blog to blog up and down the food chain, but it's pretty traceable. Social networks work in a different but equally obvious way: they're like real-world word of mouth, but easier to track, though still much tougher to control or predict than blogs.

But forums can be inscrutable to outsiders. And they get far less attention than the other two culture-drivers. "Everyone" uses Facebook and Twitter, [...]


Safety Feature Inspires Disgust

Apparently this is some kind of program that has been in the test stage for years, but because nothing registers until it happens to me personally, I am only now waking up to the outrage that is the new "pedestrian countdown signal" on our city's traffic lights, some of which just appeared on 14th Street around Union Square this weekend. You're probably familiar with the signals, which count down the number of seconds remaining before the light changes, from trips to Europe or such backwater American burgs as Philadelphia, but it is gravely disappointing to see them here in my New York. I mean, it was bad enough [...]


Your Tractor-Trailer Is Usually In The Last Place That You Look

Following removal of a misplaced tractor-trailer, southbound FDR Drive re-opened at E 96 St, MN. Expect residual traffic delays.

— NYC OEM (@NotifyNYC) February 13, 2012


"Chinese Fire Drill" Joke Avoided

How was your commute? "A massive traffic jam in north China that stretches for dozens of miles and hit its 10-day mark on Tuesday stems from road construction in Beijing that won't be finished until the middle of next month, an official said…. Some drivers have been stuck in the jam for five days, China Central Television reported Tuesday. But Zhang said he wasn't sure when the situation along the Beijing-Zhangjiakou highway would return to normal."


Today In Web Traffic: Ana Marie Cox v. Jet Blue

Ana Marie Cox, Washington correspondent: 823,643 Twitter followers. Jet Blue, bargain airline: 873,897 Twitter followers.

Previously: The Atlantic v. Pottery Barn.