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A Townes Van Zandt Playlist

Today would have been Townes Van Zandt's 70th birthday, so here are some songs. You will of course have your own favorites, unless you are unfamiliar with the work of Townes van Zandt, in which case, oh boy, a whole new world of discovery is about to open itself to you.


The Highly-Authentic Ghost of Townes Van Zandt

The twelfth highest-grossing film in America this past week was Country Strong. In it, Goop plays Kelly Canter, a boozed-out, decrepit country star just looking for another chance. Tim McGraw tackles the role of James Canter, the long-suffering cardigan that also happens to be her husband, manager and occasional tormentor. Leighton Meester is Chiles Stanton, a sweet young thing making the leap from pageants to the music biz. Garrett Hedlund is Beau Hutton, a dreamy rehab janitor who lives to play the honky-tonks. It's the second film from Shana Feste—not a stage name—and Tobey Maguire snagged a production credit.

I saw it recently, on the smallest, dingiest screen at [...]


Man Responds To Internet List

The whole thing about lists on the Internet is that, unless they are written by me, they are in no way authoritative and are actually constructed to create controversy and contention, so when you call one out for failing to include your preferred entries you are in fact playing right into the hands of whoever formulated the list—no doubt did it for that exact purpose—which means it is a waste of your time to engage. That said, how you can make a list of The 10 Best Townes Van Zandt Songs and not include "White Freightliner Blues" is beyond me. Also "No Lonesome Tune." Also "Buckskin Stallion Blues." And [...]


Jason Lytle And Ben Bridwell Cover Townes Van Zandt

Would you like to hear a recording of the dude from Band of Horses and the dude from Grandaddy covering Townes Van Zandt's “Don’t You Take It Too Bad"? If you are me, the answer is yes, but, fortunately for you, you are not me, so you are going to have to make that decision on your own. I can't TELL you what to do.