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How 'Minority Report' Trapped Us In A World Of Bad Interfaces


I wish I could get away with charging my clients a fee for every time they say "Minority Report" to me. I’m a commercial artist in L.A., and 90% of commercial art is shutting up and giving the client what they want. That means I spend a lot of time trying to repackage Steven Spielberg’s vision of the future: floating graphical windows with video hovering in them, typography flickering and animating in response to actors’ actions, interfaces appearing and disappearing when fingers reach out to poke them. In short, building a virtual iPad interface, hovering in front of the actor using it. In [...]


"Mission Impossible": I Don't Understand How Tall Everyone Is

Paula Patton is 5'4" (allegedly).


The World's Worst Record-Listening Party

What's the least fun thing you can think of? I mean, excepting the obvious, like performing your own root canal without anesthesia or watching your pet die or something. How about going to a Black Eyed Peas concert? How about going to a Black Eyed Peas concert where Tom Cruise comes out on stage in sunglasses and a leather jacket to plug his new movie, to which the Black Eyed Peas contributed a song? And then how about if Will-I-Am tells you that you get to be one of "the first cats" to hear the new song?


Long Live The Working-Class Hunk

Look at Jeremy Renner, star of Bourne Legacy, and you'll see something familiar: a certain set to the jaw, a coiled muscle build, a face that looks, quite frankly, like it's been busted. You look at his body—the thick forearms, the barrel chest—and sense it was not made in the gym. It is a body that has labored, inflected with what Vulture's "Star Market" column calls "real, swaggering, gritty machismo." At 5'9", right about 150 pounds, and with the skin of a smoker, he could be your cousin.

I look around my hometown in northern Idaho, a burnt-out crater of a timber town, and I see men with [...]


The Re-Re-Re-Resuscitation of Tom Cruise

"What if Tom Cruise is a genius?" -Uh oh. Knight and Day is raising some thorny questions, apart from the obvious one related to Cameron Diaz being "the same height as Mr. Cruise onscreen".


Tom Cruise At 50

Tom Cruise is 50 today, but that is probably the least of his worries right now.


Tom Cruise Movies In Ascending Order of Tom Cruise's Hotness

34. Tropic Thunder 33. Magnolia 32. The Last Samurai 31. Far and Away 30. Taps 29. Born on the Fourth of July