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"I love when you can combine the weird with the functional."

If you can't listen to that amazing Todd Terje/Bryan Ferry cover of Robert Palmer's "Johnny and Mary" without being overcome by a sadness so intense that your heart feels constricted and you need to look away from anyone nearby so they don't see your eyes starting to water up then you are either me or someone just like me, which puts you in a world of tragedy even without having to listen to the song. The rest of you can probably just appreciate the song for what it is. Either way, here's a pretty good interview with Todd Terje that [...]


Todd Terje with Bryan Ferry, "Johnny And Mary"

I am old and I remember when the original version of this song was new and just the other week a random series of searches resulted in my traveling down a Robert Palmer rabbit hole, all of which is to say that I was perhaps more primed to find this unexpectedly moving than you might be, but you should probably still give it a chance anyway, because you might just think it is full of the same feel I got from it, which is, "wow, that's really something."