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Don't Be Sad, Millennials: Today Is Actually Pretty Great! (P.S. You're All Going To Die)

In The Noonday Demon, Andrew Solomon makes the point that depression sufferers see the world, their own circumstances and failings, more accurately than healthy people—positing thus that perhaps optimism is the defining characteristic of the human condition.

I think of this often with regards to my relationship with television. Television is like depression. Without it, I can think America isn’t so bad. With it, I sometimes want to kill myself.

Honda's "Pretty Great" ad, made by Santa Monica-based Rubin Postaer and Associates, appears on its surface to be a simple, direct pander to millennials—a typical commoditization of hipness and dissent. Yet its very attempt to mask with cloying optimism [...]


Why Is the Stock Market "Going Down"?

• It isn't. It's actually just taking a brief break from going "up."

• Nobody knows.

• People get paid a lot of money to pretend to know.

• Stuff is so messed up, it could be any number of things really. The paper says "on intensifying investor fears about a slowdown in global economic growth" and that's such a huge load of baloney. Oh, the investors feel fear about the globe? Cool story, bro. I mean, the DOW is scaled averages of share prices of 30 companies, not people's feelings about Europe's debt crisis. (Right, that's why Home Depot shares are down 10%.) It's called TAKING MONEY [...]


Uplifting Animal News of the Week

• "State wildlife officers have rescued a manatee believed to be only two to three weeks old from the basin behind the government and cultural center in Key Largo."

• "A love story: A man, a dog and the bridge that came between them."

• "The resilient cat Wollie traveled about 6 miles from the Animal Rescue League to its Bedford, N.H. home. The 3-year-old cat spent three days on its odyssey back to the couple that loves him."

• "The award-winning animal trainer William Berloni on Thursday unveiled the pooch who is slated to star in the Broadway revival of the Tony Award-winning musical 'Annie' [...]


White iPhone 4 Sightings

Is the white iPhone 4 going to appear today? Maybe! Is there a reason that you need one? No, not at all. Apple's announcements today are thought to include a new OS (Lion!) and maybe a Verizon iPhone. But not only is Apple HQ apparently swimming in white iPhone 4s, and not only is the $8-million bedazzled iPhone 4 available to one lucky (stupid) buyer, then there's this, over at the house of Ben Baller, JEWELER to the STARS™. Why does he have one and you don't?