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Happy 19th Amendment Day, or, We Have Always Had Birthers

The 19th Amendment to the Constitution was ratified 89 years ago today. I'm not really sure what it says because, you know: too long, didn't read! And besides, you know how those politicians are, always sneaking in little bits of texts to their bills what with the pork and loopholes and death panels, so I'm sure if I actually read it, I'd find something really horrible and Nazi-esque in it. You know what else happened on this date, but in 1958? Nabokov published Lolita. (Also TL;DR.) It is also the birthdate of the other Parker Posey, the child actor. (She is also TL;DR.) Anyway somewhere in those 39 words [...]


Do I consider myself a hero? Yes. Yes I do.

So last night at around 7:30 I was on my way to Brooklyn to meet a friend for drinks. (Yes, sometimes I go to Brooklyn.) The train was packed, and I was standing pressed up against the door at the center of the car, reading a magazine, and generally ignoring my surroundings. The seat next to me became available, and a young woman sat down. A minute or two later she started sobbing. It was one of those sounds where you aren't sure at first whether a person is laughing or crying, but it soon became obvious that she was doing the latter.

One of the tough things about New [...]