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Hopes For The Future Mostly Involve Being Able To Escape Back Into The Past

"In general, new modes of travel, improved health and longevity, and the ability to travel through time ranked highest on the list of futuristic inventions Americans would like to have, the researchers said."


You Cannot Travel Through Time

Sad news for those of us who had hoped there would be some way we could return to an earlier era and undo the terrible thing that set our lives on the inevitable tragic spiral which resulted in an endless series of meaningless events punctuated mainly by suffering, sorrow and boredom (i.e., "birth"): Time travel is not possible. It's got something to do with photons or something. Anyway, this is your life: you're stuck with it now. Make the best you can out of your remaining march to the tomb, because it's not gonna get any better, and it's almost certainly gonna get worse.


Patriarchy Still Preventing Women From Having It All

"Why can't women time travel?"


Real Nerd Talk: 'Doctor Who' Goes Psycho Off the Rails

So listen, I don't know if you're watching Doctor Who on the delayed American schedule or on the "real" British schedule, a choice that involves mostly how comfortable you are with sun, sea and piracy, so I will warn you there are "future"-airing episodes that have actually already aired in the "past" (June 5, overseas) that are discussed beyond this point.


The Dos And Don'ts Of Time Travel

So you’ve hooked electrodes and power couplings to an old-fashioned carousel in an abandoned amusement park on the outskirts of town. Or you’ve outfitted a Harley-Davidson with a flux capacitor—a classic. Or, my personal favorite, you’re using depleted uranium to turn the underused freight elevator in your building into a time-ship. As a soon-to-be time traveler, the last thing you want is somebody telling you “Do this!” and “Don’t do that!” You're about to become a pirate on the open waves of the ocean of time. Good for you! It's sure to be a wonderful adventure. One no doubt filled with romance, knowledge and treasure. But here, humbly, are a [...]