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Skies Troubled

This time lapse video of a storm in Dallas conveys both the overwhelming awe one feels when confronted by the majesty of nature and the overwhelming joy one feels about not being anywhere near Dallas. [Via]


Weather Enjoyed

Two friends of mine of got in an argument once while they were on mushrooms about which of them liked weather more. It went on for hours, which surely felt like days or months at the time. And, in fact, feels like an eternity to some people who know them and still have to hear about it now, decades later. Safe to assume, though, that neither of them likes weather as much as "weather enthusiast and photographer" Martin Rietze, who took this time lapse video from sunset to sunrise atop Germany's tallest mountain, the Zugspitze. The music that accompanies it makes you feel like you're in a spa [...]


Flagstaff Burns Beautifully

Here's a timelapse video of wildfires in the mountains around Flagstaff, Arizona, which has had a very hot, bad week this past week. With apologies for taking any joy from the suffering of a faraway city, it's amazing and beautiful to watch. And with apologies to anyone who is ever seen in my company, I will now admit that I really like the embarrassingly bombastic and melodramatic ballads of the Christian/goth/metal band Evanescence. (That's their big hit "My Immortal" playing over the video.) Why is a mystery even to myself. Except that they had already nailed the "my-emotional-life-is-so-important-to-the-world" teen-reversion fantasy magic that the Twilight franchise has been taking [...]