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Tiger Heaven Racist

"'Mantecore' left us and is now with his siblings in White Tiger heaven."


The Morning Of Death

Your sad lead of the day: "Lions and tigers and bears – all dead." That includes the briefly famous Herpes Monkey, who was apparently eaten by a tiger. Also apparently dead: former Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi. Good morning.


Get A Good Look At These Awesome Tigers, They're Almost Extinct

Great. The gorgeous, majestic Sumatran tiger is headed for extinction. The video above shows 12 of the remaining 400 of them, playing with leaves and investigating (and at one exciting point, apparently, biting and incapacitating!) a motion-activated video camera the World Wildlife Federation set up in the Bukit Tigapuluh wildlife reserve this past March and April. And this forest—which they obviously like, because it's rare to record so many of the things over such a short period of time—is scheduled to be cleared for paper pulp. (Paper?! No one even uses that stuff anymore!)


Who Likes The Snow In New York? Tigers, Monkeys and Bears

So, that was January, 2011 in New York: 31 straight days with snow on the ground. Thirty-six total inches—a new all-time record for the month! And there's more to come as February gets started. I've been hearing a lot of complaining about it from humans. But you know who you don't hear complaining about it? Tigers. Or monkeys.


Animals Clearly Trying To Tell Us Something Through Horrific Violence

I generally support zoos and aquariums. Because I think it's good for people to observe and learn about animals, despite the cruelty inherent to keeping them in pens. But, man, after the ice-skating bear that killed its trainer in Kyrgyzstan, and the circus tiger that mauled its trainer during a dinner show in Germany, and now the killer whale that drowned trainer Dawn Brancheau in front of an audience full of children at Orlando's SeaWorld yesterday-the third human death associated with this same whale! It's like a Dino De Laurentiis movie-you get the feeling that it's maybe time to reconsider the wisdom of having captive animals [...]


Tiger Trainer At Dinner Circus Didn't Know He Was Main Course

An animal trainer performing at a "Dinner Zircus" at Hamburg's Hagenbeck Zoo was mauled by three tigers last night. Der Speigel reports: "Around 150 guests had just started their four-course meal when the 28-year-old Christian Walliser stumbled and lost control of five Bengali tigers. Three of the animals then jumped on their trainer. The big cats bit into his head and upper body, and he lost part of his left hand. Some of the circus team managed to push the animals into a corner using water jets and fire extinguishers, and then got them back in their cage within seconds." Zoo director Stephen Pagels said that the tigers only [...]


It's Still Somehow This Week

Remember when I was all "It feels like it should be, like, Thursday of NEXT WEEK already. Man, I do not see how we're getting to Friday at this rate"? You are probably saying, yes, Alex, I remember, it was like ten minutes ago, but NO, YOU COULD NOT BE MORE WRONG, because it was two actual days back and here we are, not at Friday, with a whole hunk of day to get through before we can even consider the possibility that a Friday might yet occur. I have a theory that we are all, still, over a [...]


Monkey Feeds Baby Tiger

I really think we all kind of need this today, right? [Via]


Baby Bears Cuddle Baby Tiger

Watch this one with the volume off, because otherwise you will find yourself filled with homicidal rage against the anchor and his idiot patter. But do watch it, because OH MY GOD AWWW.


Live High Like Tigers, Jerry Garcia

Tigers have been found living at a higher elevation than had been previously thought possible. A BBC film crew used hidden camera traps to catch a mating pair (not, like, in the in act, but the footage is still cool to see) 13,000 feet above sea level in the Himalayan mountains in Bhutan. This is good news. Considering the current state of tiger affairs, finding any place where they can live in the wild is good news.

Humans who would like to emulate the tigers, and have four million dollars, can buy Jerry Garcia's old house at 55 El Mirador Drive in Nicasio, [...]


Eating Endangered Animals

Good morning! "The last Indochinese tiger in China was killed and eaten by a man who was yesterday sentenced to 12 years' jail."


The Tiger and the Pig



Danny Brown, "Blunt After Blunt"

The escaped Bengal tiger last seen terrorizing suburban Portland, Oregon two months ago in Stephen Malkmus' "Tigers" video has been found in a Detroit basement. Apparently, whatever tranquilizer the animal control agent used to temporarily subdue him has led to the development of a serious drug addiction. And turned him into rapper Danny Brown, who is excellent.


Bear Strikes Terror Into Tiger

We have a winner in the age old debate of "tiger vs. bear."


Woman Saves Husband From Tiger

"I was terrified and I used all my strength to punch the animal in the face, but it would not budge. I had to wrestle with it to keep its jaws away from me, and it would have clawed me to death if my wife had not arrived." —It's a great day for Malaysian couple Tambun Gediu and Han Besau. Gediu was squirrel hunting in the jungle near his home in the northern state of Perak when he was attacked by a tiger. Hearing his screams, Besau ran out of the kitchen and beat the ferocious beast with a wooden soup ladle until it ran away. Gediu is in [...]


Pet Tigers Totally Legal, Totally Awesome in 44% of America

Great news for all my cat-loving friends! "It is perfectly legal for a private individual to own a tiger-no license required-in nine U.S. states, including Idaho, Ohio, Alabama and North Carolina. (An additional thirteen states require private owners to obtain a permit to keep a wild animal.)"


Bear And Tiger Make You Go "Awwww"

Did you think there was a chance we weren't going to post this? After a week of grim bear news, this heartwarming tale of Baloo the bear and Shere Khan the tiger-friends since infancy-is exactly what we need to usher in the weekend. There are plenty more pictures on the Noah's Ark shelter's Facebook page, and they are all the kind of adorable thing your mom would send you. I guess now I'm your mom! Enjoy.