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A Poem By Thomas Devaney

The War Vase

None of the words in my voice are my own. What I can see I see only through your eyes: the tempera gold leaf—my vessel, my vim.            The accumulation of all my reflections; your face is older now too. Still, I am rash— a prize above the fray. Spared in the minds of those who will not spare each other. Emanation is a light that can shine from one’s own body. But ruder powers do the job I cannot do myself. My only enemies are those who will not fight for me. Thomas Devaney is the author of The Picture that Remains (The Print Center, Philadelphia, [...]


Two Poems By Thomas Devaney

Baby Black Bear

My little brother Joe looks up and says bear. He is nearly three and up on all his animals. How many other words does he know? Yes, I say, “Bear. Excellent.” But no, Jesus no. It is a bear. A small cub, but a bear all the same.